Google Plus Post Data Per Downloadable Files

Have you ever compiled a list or created something, that you’d like to offer as a free download, on your blog? I have. More than once. After failing at capturing a large enough audience, more times than I care to admit, I’ve decided to do some testing. I wanted to share my findings with you today, […]

Best of Google Plus #6

This blog series has been on hold, for a couple of months. I apologize about not being able to get to it, but I would like to start back, publishing a top 10 list, of the absolute best content that has been shared to Google+, over the period of one week. Each week, I intend […]

Online Marketing For Local Events

  I don’t normally accept content contributions from my audience. Especially since “My Blog Guest” became penalized by Google for their guest posting (bad linking) practices. Here at Search Simplicity we prefer giving our contributors a monthly column, where they can produce 2 articles per month. This article is a contribution

Negative SEO // Competitors and Your Site’s Ranking

Negative SEO is becoming ever so popular among webmasters, as well as the average business owner. I’ve experienced “Negative SEO” being performed against me (on numerous occasion) — and my clients in the past. Negative SEO has proved to be a real challenge. It’s something that all webmasters fear, will happen to them. and it could.

Private Blog Network Footprints Checklist and Private Services

If you’ve been following my tutorials, then you’ve come a long ways since we started. Now were going to learn everything you’ll need to know in order to completely avoid leaving footprints, when you’re building a private blog network (PBN). You’ve been reading over my tutorials that have shown you “how to build a private blog network“ and […]