#2 // Best of Google Plus

best of google plus #2Last weeks blog series “Best of Google+” turned out much better than I had originally expected for this series to start out. We ended up getting some shares from some of our industry leaders and the post gained a wide reach. It didn’t go viral, but it did go somewhere and there for I feel like this series is valuable and liked enough for me to continue to move forward with it.

I didn’t receive any feedback or suggestions from any of you readers and that wasn’t very cool. The purpose of this blog series is to give some of you little guys an opportunity to gain more reach with your content and get noticed, not to mention the links you’ll benefit from. Get those suggestions and links in here. I want to see what you have to offer. Let your voice be heard as a blogger.

Let’s get started with this weeks blog series, shall we?

#2 // Best Shares On Google Plus This Past Week

“Check to see if YOU made the cut”

To start this post off with a bang, the best post I found via Google plus this past week was shared by a post that was created by a not so well known SEO (Blackhat SEO) who goes by the name @CharlesFloate a.k.a God of SEO.

Charles has outlined what he felt to be the best posts of 2013 from within the SEO and Internet Marketing industry. It’s not often I like for marketers to take on this type of post, but I highly enjoyed what Charles had to present, through his opinion.
I search the wild web every day of my life and I was shocked to see that Charles had some awesome articles to present, some I hadn’t even recognized prior to Mark sharing this post on Google+. The power of social media!

Second we have to present, another jaw dropping Google+ share by @CyrusShepard.  The article that Cyrus shared was written by  over on the Moz blog. Cyrus is known for supporting the Moz community and he regularly shares content from Moz.

This article is aimed at a new study based on Google click through rate increasing with keyword length. It’s ma really interesting study one I felt deserved the number two position on this weeks “Best of Google+”. So, without further hesitation, I present to you:

Make sure you take the time to click through to the actual article and read it. There’s no better way to learn other than reading!

Third, last but not least in this weeks “top 3″ I would like to present to you an article that was shared by Search Engine Journal and was written by  . The article is aimed at showing you how to more creatively perform competitor research and how to use that information to create a penalty-proof SEO plan.

There’s always something fresh and new to read, as marketers are constantly evolving to keep up with our ever changing search algorithms. So, as long as search evolves, we as marketers we continue to grow stronger.

Best Contest Shares on Google Plus

Now — let’s move on to review the best damn content that was shared on Google+ as we all wasn’t only working and taking care of our clients, we was preparing for Christmas! Happy Holidays by the way.

@AJKohn wasn’t just putting the star on top of his Christmas tree, he was busy sharing a post that was written on a fairly popular SEO blog by +Joel Klettke. Check out the Google+ share from AJ Kohn. He has a little bit to say, while at the same time adding some value to his Google+ share about this post!

You have an opinion and we would enjoy hearing your opinion, just as much as we would enjoy listening to the opinion of anyone else. What do you think will change in 2014 with content marketing? Will content still be king? :)

I was really happy to see @WilReynolds share this on Google+ this past week. SEER Interactive publicly shared all the videos from their recent event, for free. These videos are absolutely worth watching. Wil mentioned that the speakers worked for free by giving all earning to charity, so if you can please try to be generous and donate $5 to them.

I had originally wanted to share these videos on “Search Jazz‘ but I didn’t. I saved them for this article instead. Please make sure to help me promote this weekly blog series by sharing this article on your favorite social media platform. I have social media buttons here on this web page, feel free to make use of them.

That’s it for the embeds. Google+ has slowed down a bit due to the Holiday season being on us all. Below are a few more links that made the cut. They deserve just as much attention as the above links. Without links, the web as we know it wouldn’t be.







What About This Weeks Best Google+ Community?

I didn’t forget. I have been reviewing many different Google+ communities all throughout the week this week and there was a few communities that I had a difficult time choosing between, but from user activity and relevance, without a doubt — I had to choose this amazing Google+ community that was created by a reputable Local SEO @Andrew Shotland


The group name is “SEO Job Board”

The Google+ community earned this position. Andrew has really established something nice here. Take a look at how organized the community is! Pat attention to how many awesome SEO jobs are posted there regularly. This had to have been a very tough job for Andrew. SEO is a industry where many spam it to death in an all out war to win over their competition. How Andrew keeps the community clean and full of value, I’ll never know — congratulations Andrew! You deserved this one pal.

That’s it for this weeks “Best of Google+”. Please start sending in links of your favorite posts as well as any suggestions that you may have. This will allow for me to continue to write this blog series, while adding more value with the reader in mind. Next week, I will add a pic to the series. :) Hope you enjoyed this weeks article.

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