#4 // Best of Google Plus

Welcome back! This is the 4th series in an (expected) unlimited blog series where we highlight the “Best of Google Plus“. The best of Google Plus highlights the best content that has been shared to Google Plus throughout the past week (we publish a weekly blog series).

There’s so many awesome articles that are submitted to Google+ each week, that they’re all so very hard to pick from.

In the previous 3 series, I’ve been experimenting with using Google Plus embeds, links or videos.

We all love links! We all love those nice Google+ embeds too.

In this series I will start using links only, unless there’s a call for an embed.

In this series I’ll also start to limit the overall number of posts that’ll be allowed to make it into “The Best of Google Plus” blog series. From here on out “the best of Google+” will highlight only 25 posts that have been shared to Google+ within that previous week.

Grab The PDF File of The Best of Google+ #4 Below!

This will make things more easy for me, more easily to read for you and will make the Best of Google Plus blog series more competitive in nature. By limiting the overall number of posts that will be allowed to win “Best of Google Plus“, this will make blog authors work harder to get their content published in this blog series.

Giving all bloggers something to work toward in 2014 and beyond.

It took a couple of these “Best of Google Plus” series for me to pin everything down, but I suppose it’ll take even longer for me to get everything perfect and just the way they should be. So, please bare with me. Your feedback would help. (hint! hint!)  :)

#4 // Best of Google Plus

This weeks series is really special. There have been some really amazing pieces of content written throughout this week!

I love Google+ and at times I feel lucky to stumble upon some of your amazing articles.

Keep in mine that as of right now, the content listed below isn’t listed in any specific order or from best to worse. The best article could be at the bottom of the list. That will be left for you to judge. :)

The Best of Google+#4 Presents the Best Content Written Throughout the Past Week

The first article that I’m going to present this week is an article written by Jeff Bullas titled;

1.)  The Secret to Winning the Content Creation War


2.) 10 Actionable Google Analytics Tips


3.) Google Webmaster Central Office Hours Hangout With +John Mueller (Google Treasurer)


4.) 21 Secret SEO Strategies That Work


5.) Content Creation Lessons from Growing 41,231 Newsletter Subscribers


6.) The SEO Content Writers Manifesto


7.) The Old SEO Vs. The New SEO


8.) 100 Practical Ideas For Small Business Blog Posts


9.) How to use TWChat to participate in Twitter chats


10.) Next up; This is a piece of content that was written on Google Plus by Peg Fitzpatrick

Reference to the above post: http://searchengineland.com/just-say-no-to-seo-sometimes-180965

11.) Next up; This really is a MASTERS course in running live Hangout On Air events. Everyone in this HOA is a seasoned vet, and they share everything from pre-show prep, technical aspects, and comment handling to creating great shows and beyond.

This referenced Youtube Video was shared on Google+ https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NP-QfLGiCuw

12.) Next up; This is an in-depth article by +Dan Shure looking at all the implications of what Google is doing with and learning from its advances in voice-activated search.


13.)  A curated listing of available marketing jobs in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC.


+Steve Martin of +Copperfox Marketing asked several experienced Google+ users what they share with new users who are struggling to get up and started on Google+.


14.) Will Keywords Be Replaced by Topics for Some Searches?

Lots of goodies in my reading this morning, and here’s another gem, this one from +Bill Slawski. Bill looks at a very recent patent that describes methods for Google to make topical associations with words in a user’s query, and returning results that have topical relevance, even if those results contain no keywords from the user’s query.


15.) 3 Lessons HootSuite Learned from their First 25,000 Google+ Followers


16.) Patterning: Intelligence


17.) +Mark Traphagen and +Eric Enge Mastermining


18.) Google+ Pro Tip: Use your About tab as a Knowledge Base

A real example:  https://plus.google.com/+StephanHovnanian/about

19.) Changing the way we look at links


best of google plus #4

20.) Facebook now “Pay To Play”  –  Facebook pages have gone as extinct as the great white wholly mammoth!

Just take a gander at this post: http://just-ask-kim.com/facebook-fan-page-dinosaurs-2014/

Will the wholly mammoth ever walk the earth again? Maybe not but..  Content is king, always has been and it always will be. Don’t fear the reality. Continue to create content that oozes with awesomeness!

Next: +Jay Baer says that when content marketing grows old and out of style – many marketers will abandon it to move on to the “next big thing.” But smart content marketers will realize that the glut, rather than killing content marketing, actually opens up new opportunities for the best to shine all the more.  http://buff.ly/1hhuUMo

now let’s move on folks …

22.) See what attorneys are doing to manipulate Google rankings.


23.) Of Mentors, and of Listening


24.) Gathering Big Data in Minutes by Scraping Communities


25.) Hold Your SEO Clients Hostage With Negative SEO Threats


There’s the 25 best blog posts that have been shared to Google+ within the previous week.

If you work and have a busy life — If you’ve not been able to spend the past week researching the best posts to read — that’s perfectly fine, because I’ve done all the grunt work for you. The Best of Google Plus provides you with “the best reads” that’re available online.

Google+ is an amazing social media platform. All of the best bloggers share their content to Google+ first, before sharing their content to other social platforms, like Facebook, Stumbleupon, Reddit, etc.

The Best of Google Plus gives bloggers a few amazing incentives. They’re all pretty much self-explanatory!

I would appreciate your feedback and suggestions. The more help and insight that you provide me with — the better experience you’ll have with our weekly blog series.

Please feel free to comment below.

Help me to spread the word about “the Best of Google Plus” by sharing this article on your favorite social media sites, with all your friends.

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Take care and work on your content. Maybe next time yours will be highlighted in The Best of Google Plus!

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