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My name is Gregory Smith and I am a veteran Marketer. I am a full-time Search Optimizer and Digital Marketer. I make a living, helping businesses gain exposure online and survive in an ever changing economy, through Search Engines.

From The Start I Was Hooked

I walked into the Online Marketing sphere at the age of 12 and became obsessed with the web. I enjoyed sitting in front of the PC for hours on end, I enjoyed technology and wondered to myself, how it all worked.

As time passed, I grew more and more fond of the web as I seen and knew it. Time has ticked and ticked and well… today I’m 31 years old. I still love the web as I know it. I love reverse engineering Search Engine Algorithms and building start-up businesses and blogs, not only for myself, but for my clients.

Hi Guys I’m Gregory Smith!


My passion for my work is unexplained. The web is all I know and I know it well. My passion for my work makes my job, not really a job, but more so — a hobby that I love and feel very comfortable with. A hobby that I consume myself with. Something I’m really good at!

I enjoy helping others. I sometimes test myself to achieve the impossible and love the challenge that comes along with it. I love the challenge of helping a Small Business resurface from a hard hit, I love seeing the look on a mans face after I’ve brought their business back to life, after what had been a disaster. I enjoy building businesses and keeping them on top of Google. There’s something about what I do that is the ultimate rush, for me.

A Little History About Myself

I’m a family guy. When not working, I spend the remaining of my time with my lovely wife and awesome family. We recently moved to Kentucky, from North Carolina. I’m a down to earth country boy at heart. My work and my financial status has never changed me or the way I see life.

I remain in the trenches and as an entrepreneur, I’m always looking for new ways to make money and build a better life for me and my family.

Family is all any of us have and family is all I care about, other than my career. I guess you could say that many of my long-term clients are like family to me. I’d do anything for them and I think that’s one of the reasons my business has been as successful as it has this far.

Online Social Activity

I’m a big fan of Google Plus. I’m more active on G+ than any other Social Media platform. I’m a firm believer in using Social as an implementation with Search. I read a whole lot. I love keeping up with others in my industry and staying ahead of the competition. I enjoy reading and enjoy seeing what others are doing, to make money through various online streams.

I’d enjoy speaking with you, so if you’d like to add me on Social Media, feel free to add me here:

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Why Search Simplicity?

As the years have come and gone, time has brought us to  where we are at today — I’ve built and established many different, successful website’s. All of that has led up to Search Simplicity. I figured it was time to build a brand. Search Simplicity is going to become one of the best if not the number one Search Optimization Company in the world. I figured it needed a cool name. :)

What do you think about the brand name and how do you think it reflects me? I would appreciate any and all suggestions for the site and any feedback is appreciated. Criticism is also appreciated.