Another Beginners Guide To The Process of Local SEO

The Beginners Guide To Learning Local SEO

Local SEO is the process of increasing a website’s position, for local search intent — within a given Search Engine.

When the majority of non-professional internet users think of or consider marketing their business online, the majority of them (you) have no earthly idea how to go about doing so and for the most part, have no idea where to get started.

This article is aimed at helping simplify the process of Local SEO — for those of you who don’t yet understand Local SEO and its processes.

Understanding the Process of Local SEO

Now that I’ve very briefly touched upon the definition of local SEO, I would like to just take a moment to clarify things into a more clear perspective for you.

If you’re considering marketing your business, project, event or whatever through a website (online) — you’ve taken one step toward the direction of generating a starting point of success for yourself.

Starting a business can be challenging. Having the knowledge and understanding of how to go about marketing your business in this day and time, is your only chance for survival.

The best place to start is locally. Start small — then broaden your horizons, if all goes well.

The internet not only provides you with the highest percentage of a success rate, but is the absolute best choice when marketing your business and expanding your reach. Having a website is not enough.

A website is nice to have, but if no one knows it exists, it’s the same as a giant billboard on a deserted island.

You might ask yourself:

If the website is designed perfectly and is live and online people will surely see it.

That’s the biggest myth you’ll ever be deceived with.

The internet is a big place. A very big place.

If you aren’t implementing Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and optimizing your website to be positioned ABOVE/HIGHER than your competition (in Google and other search engines) than no one will ever know about you or your business.

That’s the cold hard truth.

A virtual reality.

Local SEO Ins and Outs

Local SEO is a QUALITY marketing process that is performed on your website. Normally the process of Local SEO is relatively affordable, and provides a huge return on your investment. The investment is made on a monthly basis.

Search Engine Optimization — Local SEO is a long-term process.

This is a fact, one that is rarely, clearly misunderstood by many customers.

A successful Local SEO campaign normally takes approximately six months to bring forth success.

Success is measured through many variables. One of those success metrics are the positioning of your desired search terms.

What I mean by “positioning of desired search terms” is:

When you get started with an Local SEO Company by subscribing to their Local SEO Services, you and your SEO professional will discuss some of the targeted marketing terms that fit the marketing needs of your goals and overall business.


If you are an Pain Specialist Doctor and you own a Pain Clinic in Frankfort, Kentucky — you would likely want to be found online by potential customers/patients for keywords/search-terms in Google, such as:

A.) Doctor in Frankfort

B.) Best Doctor in Frankfort Kentucky

C.) Ky Doctor

D.) Pain Clinic in Frankfort, Ky

Above are 4 small examples. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or the size of your goals, these examples are suitable and can be flipped, changed around or altered to meet your needs.

Hopefully this helps you to better understand the process of Local SEO.


In many cases, success will be clearly seen within 3-4 months. Realistically speaking though — Local SEO success is something that is continuously on-going.

It’s wise to remain with your SEO and Local SEO company long-term, as view it as a long-term marketing endeavor.

Your goal is to be found for all of your desired, Local search terms — when a potential customer performs a search on Google, when they are searching for your business services.

Hopefully this brief article has simplified the process of local SEO and has helped you to better understand exactly how Local SEO works and what it is.

Keep an eye out for part #2 of this article, in it I will dig into helping you better understand the process of local SEO, when implementing Local SEO through a Google+ Local platform.

Please — if you have any questions surrounding the overall process we use, when working with our clients — you can use the commenting platform below this article.

I will try to respond to each of you one-on-one and help you better understand everything you need to know. I look forward to talking with you.

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    Is it best to put your local information on each page of your website in case potential customers don’t reach your home page first, or is that too much? Should you put different local information on every page or keep it the same so as not to confuse people.

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