Best of Google Plus // #3

Each week we compile our finds, from the wild of Google+. I’m a very active member of Google+ and Google+ is, besides my blog, my other online home. If I’m not here, then I’m there.

While searching through the ins and outs of Google+, I often find many interesting pieces of content. The content that I find is in the wild of my searching activities and often times is content that catches my eye.

Before diving too deep into this random idea — I wrote an introduction and announced my idea publicly. So far I’ve published two of these pieces in what’s considered to now be a blog series. A publication that takes place on a weekly basis.

As a reader — you know to expect this series to be published each week. As of today, I’m still comfortable with moving forward with this blog series. It’s working out well. I do however ask that you (the audience) provide me with your feedback and submissions.

If your content is chosen, this would be a great way for you or your clients to acquire some really awesome links and gain some brand recognition.

The Google+ embeds have been a little difficult on my post formatting and doesn’t make for a nicely curated post. We will have to see, but at this point I’m reverting to text based content, rather than the embeds.

Due to the Holidays — we missed the “Best of Google Plus” last week. Though without further hesitation, I present to you;

The Best of Google+ // #3 – Jan. 2014

The below links was picked from Google Plus like blackberries in a wild field of clovers. Each link below is as ripe and as fresh as the next. There is no order in which the links fall into a numerical list of winners. If a link made its way to this page — its a winner in itself. I’m tired of seeing bloggers spam the web with “top 10 lists” or top 1000 lists, but who am I to complain. I’m just another blogger. :)

The Best of Google Plus #3 is presented to you on 1/10/2014:

This was a difficult list to compile. I normally add a small bit about each link and why I chose that specific link above all of the others. Not this time though. If you made the list congratulations!

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