Building Links to Increase Findability

I was having a conversation with another Search Engine Optimizer the other day and he said something that I’ve thought about several times since then. I wasn’t talking with a newbie either, I was talking with a Search veteran — a guy who really knows his stuff. He said to me that most other veteran SEO’s nowadays dismiss other SEO’s who advocate link building. He advised me that I should stop providing link building services and writing so much about it, within my content.Building Links to Increase Findability

Link Building = Broad Term

That strikes me od. Since I had that conversation with Billy Bob (I changed the name to protect the innocent) — I can erase his seriousness about the subject of link building from my mind. Has link building become that bad of a thing?

Manual link building is the process of building links — does this justify the creation of #Spam? Sure, there are many who use the practice of link building to spam every corner of the web, but there’s also those who use the same practice to build a solid, and high quality web presence.

Depending upon the strategy in which “links” are established justifies their quality and overall value. Links are and always will be the variable that ties the web together. Without “links” the web wouldn’t be what it is today.

Sure — search engines can use other variables to determine the relevance of a website and its authoritative nature, but I really don’t see that happening. With the correct discipline there’s a great chance that Google’s web spam team will continue on the same path their on today and be able to return the greatest search results ever, by this time next year.

Like the old saying goes — why change something that isn’t broken, when it can be fine tuned to perfection.

Building Links to Increase Findability

Regardless of what some of the idiotic leaders of the search industry try and change the name of link building to, link building will always be link building. It’s the way in which you build links is what changes. Other than that — you’re left to face the strategy that same as you did this time last year, but with (hopefully) a little more experience at hand.

Link building is a super broad term.

Link building to you, might be a strategy in which you use to increase your search engine rankings.

Link building to someone else might mean something completely different.

Marketers use the strategy called “link building” for many, many different reasons. I may use the strategy only to establish nofollowed links, for the sole purpose to drive traffic. Link building can be used as a negative SEO strategy. Link building can be used as a citation building factor. Link building can be used to spam the web. The list can go on and on.

I wouldn’t say that link building is dead — that would be a really stupid accusation to make against anything, especially against such a BROAD term. Too often, too many people get caught up in building links for the sole purpose of SEO. To increase the SERP rankings of a web page. Anchor text has even been coined as a word, over the past few years.

It’s silly how close minded some people can be.

One variable that link building has in common is “findability“. Building link helps to acquire findability of whatever it is you’re building links to.

Please comment below and let us hear your thoughts.

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    I personally think that link building is still as valid as before and getting good links from authority sites is important. It doesn’t only drive traffic but also help in Google Page Rank.

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