Negative SEO // Competitors and Your Site’s Ranking

Negative SEO is becoming ever so popular among webmasters, as well as the average business owner.

I’ve experienced “Negative SEO” being performed against me (on numerous occasion) — and my clients in the past.

Negative SEO has proved to be a real challenge. It’s something that all webmasters fear, will happen to them. and it could. (more…)

Google Penguin 3.0 Canceled Due to Weather

No one knows the Google Search Engine Algorithm.

Folks have attempted to manipulate it, every since it was developed. Folks will continue to “try” to out-game the machine known as Google, as long as it’s being oiled. (more…)

Increasing Your SEO Extemporaneousness

I’m subscribed to a couple of private (paid for) SEO and Link Building newsletters. Two of the most respected by me, are the private newsletters from Michael Martinez and Eric Ward.

Not only am I subscribed to everything that these two professionals do, I follow just about everything they recommend. As a highly passionate SEO, growing up I looked up to these SEO’s as my mentors.

I follow some industry leaders, as if they was bigger than life, the same way teenagers follow those hip hopper rappers. (more…)

Understanding Local SEO Myths and Theories

Understanding Local SEO Myths and TheoriesThere’s a lot of misinformation surrounding Local SEO and the majority of this false information is coming from SEO’s pretending to be Local SEO’s. There’s a fine line between Local SEO and SEO. There’s a science to each and each is unique by nature. I’d like to dive into some of the misconceptions surrounding Local SEO to help those of you who are interested in ranking in the local 7 pack in Google, whether you’re a local business owner or an online marketer of sorts. (more…)


The Definition of Semantic SearchSemantic Search and or Semantic Web is something 99% of all SEO’s aren’t educated on and the reason for this is pretty simple — there is NO passion in the hearts and minds of SEO’s these days and the majority of them didn’t become an SEO out of passion alone or a drive to learn about Search — most all SEO’s call themselves SEO’s for the sake of profiting, whether it be legitimate or illegitimate. A very sad reality. (more…)

November 27th SERP Change

Google Update November 27th 2013As I’m currently the only Author here on Search Simplicity, I’ve been staying rather busy, keeping the blog hot with fresh, new publications. It’s late in the evening, the night before Thanksgiving and something has driven me to write, yet again another blog post, to update the readers of Search Simplicity — in an all out attempt to help you simplify Search. (more…)