A Throwback: The SEO Mind Map

This article was submitted to a blogging contest, that was held on MySEOCommunity.com a few (3) years ago.

I searched for it, and found that +Gerald Weber let the site go, I assume he let the domain expire or deleted the site.

I wasn’t even notified.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, but is the first time I’ve experienced this from Gerald.

I wasn’t going to just let this 2,500 word piece of content go to waste, so I went to Archive.org and was lucky enough to located it. (more…)

7 Day Brand Design Contest – $110 Giveaway – Come Vote/Come Design!

The Search Simplicity – Brand Design Contest
You read that right. As the above title states, I’m running a design contest.

I’ve decided to use the same platform as I previously used, with all my past contests — 48 Hours Logo. 48 hours logo is a great platform, to manage a contest.

The way it works is, you set up your design, banner, logo, brand requirements and then you make the payment.

The contest begins and tons of highly trained, really experienced graphic designers enter your contest, by submitting their work per your requests and requirements.