My Guide To Mastering The Art of Link Earning

Link building, over the years, has become a fine-tuned marketing strategy, one that’ll be hung high upon the wall of shame fame, for many years to come.

While the term “link building” can define a wide-array of linking techniques, the term is widely (single-handedly) recognized for its off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits. (more…)

Social Signals and Links 2014

Social Signals and Links:

If you’re involved in Local SEO/SEO or Internet Marketing in any way, shape or form — I presume you’ve taken notice to what’s going on (trust me this has nothing to do with content marketing) around the search community lately.

If you haven’t, then run! Run to G+ as fast as your browser will let you, because the game is changing right in front of our eyes.

Anyone who is anyone is an active user on Google Plus. Want to know why that is, then read this post by Michale Martinez (SEO Veteran) and it won’t take you long to figure it out.

Need more to help you to better understand, here you go — take a good look at what Mark Traphagen had to say today, when I asked him to give his insight on the post that Michael Martinez wrote.

This is proof that no other social platform is providing what we SEO’s, like to refer to as social signals. Twitter doesn’t provide any social signals, while Facebook only provides social signals to Bing (which is basically useless imho). (more…)

Eric Ward Link Building Q&A Live

If you haven’t ever heard of Eric Ward (a.k.a Link Moses), Eric is a legend around these parts, a veteran (almost 20 years experience) Link Building professional. Many refer to Eric as a Link Building God. Let’s just say that Eric Ward knows his stuff. (more…)

Association Links: Useful, but not Cut & Dry

Several years ago my brother Zach and I did SEO work for several local dentists. We built links, helped them with audits and tightened up their on-page SEO. I want to tell you a story about how a few association links took someone with a really niche search term to the first page of Google’s SERPs—but I also want to talk about how those association links might work today. (more…)

How To Get Fast SEO Results in 2014 and Beyond

I know you’re feeling like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming really difficult, at times it’s easy to become completely overwhelmed by the huge number of areas you’re meant to keep up with and to follow all the new strategies, while at the same time keeping up with content creation and social media marketing, etc. (more…)

My Guide To Outbound Link Building

Outbound link building — The absolute Best Way To Acquire Links in 2014 and beyond: You see a lot of different people — saying a lot of different things about link building. You’re luck if any of it even works and and are sick of seeing people still recommend link spam techniques. It’s not out of the norm for the higher level marketers and higher class marketers and website owners, to want to follow a strategy that is qualified to produce serious results. (more…)

The Basic Guide To Link Building Fundamentals

I have been researching my content analytics stats and was reviewing which articles I’ve written over the past few years that have received the most traffic, the most social shares and overall the most attention — as funny as it may sound, my audience has paid much more attention to content that pertains to link building. So — I’ve decided to build a guide to link building fundamentals. (more…)

The Bloggers Guide To Ranking Any Website 2014ish

While the majority of SEO’s and Internet Marketers have been wasting your (and their) time pretending they can predict the future of Search Optimization and while the masses have been wildly conversing about how Google’s algorithm has been going through recent changes, I’m going to use this time to make up for some of that wasted time you’ve spent, reading the blogs of these so-called masterminds. (more…)