How to Use MyBlogU as a Supercharged Link Building Strategy

My Blog University (MyBlogU) is a super cool, Social Marketing platform, recently release from +Ann Smarty

I know, I know, some of you just aren’t into the whole blogging scene, and could probably care less about it.

but wait.. I get that!

I really do.

I also get that you’re not a highly experienced marketer either, by just scanning your latest strategies and tactics.

Have you found the problem, that’s holding you back?


Link Building Campaigns

Earning yourself a robust backlink profile, is critical to any successful online marketing and SEO campaign, in order to maximize performance.

Backlinks are the foundation of search engine algorithms which treat links as votes and assign rankings largely based on a site’s link profile.
Building links to your site directly affects rankings, and that’s why it’s so important to make natural link building a part of your business’s SEO strategy. (more…)

5 White Lies About Link Building You Probably Believe

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Link Building strategies aren’t some big secret.

These powerhouse Internet Marketing methods have been around for quite some time, but there’s still very little transparency about how to best tackle these strategies, due to the constant change of Google’s inner (algorithm) workings.

SEO and the strategies that follow, such as link building, are constantly evolving.

This not only means that the majority of all the older information on the web about SEO and Link Building, is no longer true but this also means that there’s a ton of misconceptions. (more…)

Leaked: [Free] Link Research Tool // Open Link Profiler

While crawling the web today, I fell across a new link crawler, deep in the wild of search. You know those tools that find the backlinks pointing to a website, similar to ahrefs?

After finding this new link research tool and learning that it was free, I immediately dug into it and gave it a quick run. The link crawler found a ton of links for my blog, in-fact it found just as many links, if not more than some of the paid link research tools I’ve used.

And to beat it all, the tool offered to let me export — up to “one hundred thousand links”. That’s right, 100k links. You can export them into a .txt file and work with them, however you’d like. (more…)

Links Should be a Result // Not a Goal

Search Engine Optimization isn’t what it was this time last year. This time next year, it’ll be even more different than it is today. Times are changing. If you aren’t adapting to these changes, then you’re being left behind. (more…)

Social Signals and Links 2014

Social Signals and Links:

If you’re involved in Local SEO/SEO or Internet Marketing in any way, shape or form — I presume you’ve taken notice to what’s going on (trust me this has nothing to do with content marketing) around the search community lately.

If you haven’t, then run! Run to G+ as fast as your browser will let you, because the game is changing right in front of our eyes.

Anyone who is anyone is an active user on Google Plus. Want to know why that is, then read this post by Michale Martinez (SEO Veteran) and it won’t take you long to figure it out.

Need more to help you to better understand, here you go — take a good look at what Mark Traphagen had to say today, when I asked him to give his insight on the post that Michael Martinez wrote.

This is proof that no other social platform is providing what we SEO’s, like to refer to as social signals. Twitter doesn’t provide any social signals, while Facebook only provides social signals to Bing (which is basically useless imho). (more…)

Eric Ward Link Building Q&A Live

If you haven’t ever heard of Eric Ward (a.k.a Link Moses), Eric is a legend around these parts, a veteran (almost 20 years experience) Link Building professional. Many refer to Eric as a Link Building God. Let’s just say that Eric Ward knows his stuff. (more…)