The Biggest List of Local Citations

Here you will find the biggest list of local citations, to be found anywhere on the web. I created this list myself, using You may have to wait a second for it to properly load. (more…)

How To Build Your Own SEO Services Contract

Are you someone who provides an SEO, Link Building or other relative service online or offline?

Following are the key points which you must highlight while contracting with your clients. Even if they are already mentioned some where in your contract, you must reinforce them verbally to save yourself from lot of future disagreement, conflicts, unrealistic (more…)

How To Get a Quick Win For Any Local Business

How To Get a Quick Win For a Local Business,

I love marketing so much that at times I seem to forget that I own a Local Business Marketing Company.

Marketing — in a whole — is my passion and is what I teach, blog about, do and love. Since I am the proud owner of Search Simplicity I do have a responsibility to web users and business owners, to write about and provide quality in the Local business sphere. (more…)

Understanding Local SEO Myths and Theories

Understanding Local SEO Myths and TheoriesThere’s a lot of misinformation surrounding Local SEO and the majority of this false information is coming from SEO’s pretending to be Local SEO’s. There’s a fine line between Local SEO and SEO. There’s a science to each and each is unique by nature. I’d like to dive into some of the misconceptions surrounding Local SEO to help those of you who are interested in ranking in the local 7 pack in Google, whether you’re a local business owner or an online marketer of sorts. (more…)

Another Beginners Guide To The Process of Local SEO

The Beginners Guide To Learning Local SEO

Local SEO is the process of increasing a website’s position, for local search intent — within a given Search Engine.

When the majority of non-professional internet users think of or consider marketing their business online, the majority of them (you) have no earthly idea how to go about doing so and for the most part, have no idea where to get started. (more…)

How To Get Started With Local SEO

How to get started with Local SEO: Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a different creature than that of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and should be addresses differently. (more…)

SEO For Local Businesses

SEO for Local BusinessSEO For Local Business.

More and more local businesses are bringing their business online, with hopes to gain more exposure for their business and to drive more potential clients/consumers to their online real estate/website.

The problem that most of you are having is not knowing what exactly to do, in order to receive the more bang for your investment, whether it be in dollars or in time.

That’s why search simplicity was born. (more…)