Softnoia Blog Creator Software // An In-Depth Tutorial and Review

Softnoia Blog Creator (SBC) is a Web 2.0 software.

This software was designed to build Private Blog Networks on Social Media platforms.

Something that no other software can do effectively.

I’ve been offered a chance to use the software and after running this software, for the past couple of month, I’m glad to provide the developer of this Web 2.0 software, with my honest review.

After using the software, I’ve come to learn that the Softnoia Blog Creator does a lot more than build Social Private Blog Networks. (more…)

Leaked: [Free] Link Research Tool // Open Link Profiler

While crawling the web today, I fell across a new link crawler, deep in the wild of search. You know those tools that find the backlinks pointing to a website, similar to ahrefs?

After finding this new link research tool and learning that it was free, I immediately dug into it and gave it a quick run. The link crawler found a ton of links for my blog, in-fact it found just as many links, if not more than some of the paid link research tools I’ve used.

And to beat it all, the tool offered to let me export — up to “one hundred thousand links”. That’s right, 100k links. You can export them into a .txt file and work with them, however you’d like. (more…)

Why To Not Buy BuzzBundle – Complete BuzzBundle Review

Why should you buy Buzzbundle?

The answer is simple — BuzzBundle is the best social media tool out there. There’s no denying that.

Unlike every other marketer in the blog-o-sphere, I don’t promote just any ol thing. It’s rare that I even recommend something like this. (more…)

My Review of Rank Cracker by Matthew Woodward

matthew-woodward and rankcrackerI received an email today and the email was from an affiliate marketer. Some of you might recognize this affiliate marketer, his name is Matthew Woodward.

Matthew has taken things to the next level by releasing what seems to be a secret project he’s been working on called Rank Cracker.

Rank Cracker is a backlink spying tool. I downloaded RankCracker. (download at your own risk)

I want to warn you though — before you download it for yourself — Matthew woodward is giving this backlink spying tool away for free, in hopes to sale rehashed tutorials at the low price of $499 $97. (more…)

My Review of the WebMeUp Backlink Tool

As a Forensic Search Engine Optimization professional, any sort of software that I can use to essentially make my job easier, is a much respected piece of software. Speaking of software, I am not referring to automated spam tools, I’m referring to backlink research tools/software. Tools that can be used to research deeply into a website’s backlink profile, is what I’ll be discussing below. (more…)