Holiday Special: Explaining What You Do For a Living To Family

Happy Holidays Everyone From Search Simplicity!The Holidays are here and family is on the brink of knocking on the door. Were all in a frenzy, making sure our house is clean, making sure everything is up-to-par, seeing to it that the candles are lit, that the guest bedroom is nice and prepared, making sure some Holiday food is prepared and good enough for our in laws is a hard task to manage. If you’re like me, you’re dreading some of your company. Dreading having to answer that same damn question you’ve already answered on countless occasions. (more…)

How To Use Hashtags to Help Your Local Business

How To Use Hashtags to Help Your Local BusinessHashtags are fairly new, but as far as the blog-o-sphere goes, hashtags are already being played to death. Not too new anymore. What is new though, is that you can use #Hashtags to benefit your small, local business online. If you’re going to use them, at least aim to benefit from it, right? :) (more…)

Moving Forward in an Ever Changing Algorithm

Hell, were all in search of something. Seems for the biggest part, the majority of us are just moving forward in an ever changing algorithm, head down mind at work — onward we go. That’s just about all it takes to make it in today’s ever changing world of search. That is, assuming you’re in search of being “at the top of your game” sitting swiftly at the top of a search engine, for your businesses respected search terms. (more…)

Happy Halloween From Search Simplicity

Happy Halloween From Search SimplicityAll countries don’t celebrate Halloween, but our country does there for I have decided to dedicate a conversation to Halloween. Today is October, 31st 2013. Halloween is suppose to be today/tonight. I know in many states, Halloween is being rescheduled due to bad weather. Where I live,  in Morehead, Kentucky — Halloween is being rescheduled. How is the “trick-or-treating” fairing around your neck of the woods? (more…)

A Public Announcement

public-announcementHope everyone is ready for the winter. The cold weather has already started settling in, here where I live in Kentucky. At night I’m already having to turn the heat on. The reason for this blog post isn’t to teach you how to continue making thousands of dollars a day through means of organic search optimization, but to let you know I’ll be laving town tomorrow (Sunday, October, 27th) and won’t return to the office until Wednesday or Friday. (more…)