Leaked: No More Toolbar Page Rank Updates From Google, Ever.

SearchSimplicity.com isn’t a SEO news blog and never will be.

Yet, when certain update’s occur, those that are earth shaking, I as an SEO have no other choice but to mention it here on the blog.

Does December 6th, 2013 mean anything to you?

Well, December 6th, 2013 was the last Page Rank refresh from Google.com

Many webmasters and the majority of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals stopped using Page Rank as a ranking signal or a domain metrics symbol, long ago. (more…)

Search Jazz // How Google Crawls the Web

I randomly find pieces of audio that I find to be really awesome and when I locate the pieces of audio, I submit them for inclusion into Search Jazz.

Search Jazz is a category, here on Search Simplicity.

The term Search Jazz refers to all that Jazz (audio content types) that smother the web in today’s online structure.

I use Search Jazz to present these high quality pieces of audio, to my audience.

Anytime that you find an audio content type, whether it be a video, Podcast, audio file or anything remotely similar and you think it’s just absolutely awesome, feel free to present it to me, for inclusion in Search Jazz! (more…)

Why You Can Not Afford SEO // Buy Cheap – Buy Twice!

I happened upon this video while on Google+.

As many of you already know, Google+ is by far my favorite Social Media platform.

This video was produced by a well known SEO, by the name of +Eric Enge

The star guest on the show is another fabulous SEO +AJ Kohn

The video goes in-depth about why the majority of small businesses shouldn’t hire an SEO Company and why. (more…)

Matt Cutt’s on the Effectiveness of Article Directories

Article directories have been around since the beginning of time and article marketing has been used for as long as I can remember.

The article marketing process normally consists of you writing an article and submitting it to a specific article directory, such as Ezine Articles. Over the years spammers have destroyed this marketing strategy by writing one low quality article, spinning it and then submitting that same article to thousands of article directories, in hopes for some backlinks. (more…)