Add-On Features for Our SEO Services

Addon SEO FeaturesAddons are additional features that can be purchased and added onto your SEO campaign (for those of you who have purchased an ongoing SEO plan). SEO is a constantly evolving (masterpiece) work of art within any successful digital marketing campaign. Going into 2014, we all know how much Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has evolved over the years. SEO today, requires much more effort on-part of the SEO company, than what it did years ago. Today we offer add ons as part of an additional special feature, for our clients — to allow our clients the best SEO marketing campaigns possible. (more…)

Best Google Penguin Recovery Service

Google Penguin isn’t a Penalty, Google Penguin is a algorithmic filter. Google has a strict guideline and day by day, it’s becoming more stringent. Google Penguin isn’t the only problem webmasters and business owners are facing, when it comes to being penalized (filtered out of the top Organic results) by Google. There are tons of penalties and problems, one could face. We have worked on all of the Google penalties and have had a 100% success rate, with helping our clients restore their sanity. (more…)

Link Prospecting

Link prospecting. Link Removal. Penguin analysis, research, link disavowing and all that jazz. It’s what we do best, aside from everything else we do. Link building isn’t what it once was, its changed and its changed dramatically. Having a qualified, veteran link expert working for you, for the long term is absolutely detrimental to the success of your business. (more…)

The Complete Digital Marketing Campaign

full-marketing-campaign-seo-additionEngagement Starts at: $4,000.00 monthly

The complete digital marketing campaign provides your small business website with a complete online marketing plan. The aim of this plan is to offer the special clients of Search Simplicity, more than Search Engine Optimization. As the online marketing industry grows older by the day, the way website’s perform online are changing dramatically and they will continue to change. Nowadays SEO just isn’t enough for small businesses, with an optimal success for longevity. (more…)

Consulting Workshops

Best SEO Consulting

As some of you may know, I have been an Organic Search Optimization consultant for a very long time now. Along with the launch of Search Simplicity, I am setting up my many services and offering them right here, on my site, as I did on the old site, prior to rebranding. (more…)

Our Premium SEO Services

We provide quality driven Local SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization) , global SEO Services and everything surrounding SEO.

What we do not provide are out of date, old school crappy SEO Services that don’t work.

We thrive on providing our clients with the very best SEO / Local SEO Services and best — all around (modern and up-to-date) Search quality experience.

Search Simplicity is managed by industry authority and veteran – Organic Search Engine Optimizer;   Gregory Smith.

The Internets Best Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services

The Internets Best Local SEO Services

Unlock the power of SEO: Each of our Local SEOSEO services include a thorough website audit, complete and exhaustive keyword research, competitor research and review, link profile audit, social media optimization, on-site optimization, advanced off-page optimization, including various up-to-date link building and citation building strategies.

We provide the most strategic — most advanced Search Engine Optimization services on the web guaranteed!


We do not participate in any grey/blackhat SEO strategies. We don’t believe in them and would NEVER do anything what-so-ever to harm our clients website or ours.

We provide Quality, Organic Search Rankings that drive qualified leads, targeted traffic and solid search engine rankings that stand the test of time. Our SEO and Local SEO Plans are built to withstand Google Penguin updates and are built to withstand any future Google changes.

We’ve provided our SEO Services to numerous clients in more than 40 different niches.

We currently have a 100% success rate and have been doing SEO and everything in-between for nearly a decade, and have been involved in the Digital Marketing industry, for 10+ years!

Local SEO Services Don’t Cost — They Pay!

The central focus here at Search Simplicity is to maintain a consistent, yet targeted quality of web traffic that drives consistent conversions — for all our clients! We provide a more higher end, higher quality search experience.

In turn, our services may cost a little more than some of the other SEO companies you review and that’s solely because are a thoroughly experienced, well researched SEO Company, one that has been providing solid SEO results for many years. We make a difference.

Need to know what methodology we use? Here’s the basics:

There’s no guess work as per whether or not you’ll see results. The guess work was done 9 years ago, during our trial and error period. Results are promised!

We have a dedicated team of research experts who consistently research and work with new and improved SEO strategies, to assist our search teams in deriving new, advanced techniques.

Our Local SEO/SEO Pricing is as follows:

  • The Basic SEO Plan is priced at $850/per month
  • *The Standard SEO Plan (Most Popular) is priced at $1,200/per month
  • The Hybrid SEO Plan is priced at $1,850.00/per month
  • The Premium SEO Plan is priced at $2,500/per month
  • The Elite SEO Plan is priced at $3,500/per month
  • The Advanced SEO Plan is priced at$5,000/per month
  • The Strategic, Evergreen SEO Plan is priced at$8,000/per month
  • The “Customized (most popular “high end”) SEO Plans” are priced by Custom Request and “Starts at $10,000/per month” …
  • *NEW* Now providing SEO plans for bigger sized businesses. Engagement begins at 20k (20k$ monthly)

Payment Options

local seo services

If you need to engage with the owner (Gregory Smith) of this company prior to making your initial payment, please send your email, along with your website url and a description of exactly what you’re needing/wanting done — and the owner will try to reply to your email immediately. Use the below email address or use the below contact form.

Email Greg Smith at:

Feel free to use the below contact form to email me directly:

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I will reply to your email as soon as possible. Feel free to view our other Local SEO Services

With Google dominating search, it’s detrimental that you have a good standing, as well as some good rankings in Google, in order for your business to succeed online. Each one of the above services provides a unique amount of quality.

Value can be located within each of the above pricing options and anywhere in-between, depending on the overall size of your site and your requirements.

Search Simplicity Dominates SERP’s

local seo services

We Are #1

Our overall SEO strategy is quite unique and has been proven to work, time after time after time again. We often implement advanced search optimization strategies, depending on the client and their unique demands.

This is an example of the SEO Plan and methodology I use: Click here.

Each of the above SEO plans provide a given amount of time (hours) worked, depending on the budget put towards the monthly SEO campaign. For instance, a SEO plan that costs you $500.00 a month will come with an allotment (a maximum) of hours we put towards your SEO and or Local SEO plan each month.

The bigger the SEO plan you budget for, the more we can help you and the quicker the overall turn around time will be.

Example: $500 allows us to put forth an approximate 20 hours a month towards your businesses online marketing and SEO. We deliver quality search engine rankings whether it’s delivered via drone — or dog sled.