Google Plus Post Data Per Downloadable Files

Have you ever compiled a list or created something, that you’d like to offer as a free download, on your blog?

I have. More than once.

After failing at capturing a large enough audience, more times than I care to admit, I’ve decided to do some testing.

I wanted to share my findings with you today, in hopes that my data, would help you to make a more professional decision, the next time you think about offering a free download.

I have a pretty big following on Google+ and Google+ is my personal favorite, Social Media platform, so for this study, I’m going to use Google+. (more…)

Best of Google Plus #6

This blog series has been on hold, for a couple of months.

I apologize about not being able to get to it, but I would like to start back, publishing a top 10 list, of the absolute best content that has been shared to Google+, over the period of one week.

Each week, I intend to publish a top 10 list. (more…)

Social Signals and Links 2014

Social Signals and Links:

If you’re involved in Local SEO/SEO or Internet Marketing in any way, shape or form — I presume you’ve taken notice to what’s going on (trust me this has nothing to do with content marketing) around the search community lately.

If you haven’t, then run! Run to G+ as fast as your browser will let you, because the game is changing right in front of our eyes.

Anyone who is anyone is an active user on Google Plus. Want to know why that is, then read this post by Michale Martinez (SEO Veteran) and it won’t take you long to figure it out.

Need more to help you to better understand, here you go — take a good look at what Mark Traphagen had to say today, when I asked him to give his insight on the post that Michael Martinez wrote.

This is proof that no other social platform is providing what we SEO’s, like to refer to as social signals. Twitter doesn’t provide any social signals, while Facebook only provides social signals to Bing (which is basically useless imho). (more…)

Why To Not Buy BuzzBundle – Complete BuzzBundle Review

Why should you buy Buzzbundle?

The answer is simple — BuzzBundle is the best social media tool out there. There’s no denying that.

Unlike every other marketer in the blog-o-sphere, I don’t promote just any ol thing. It’s rare that I even recommend something like this. (more…)

Social and SEO Will Be The Same Come 2014

Social Media Marketing and or Social Media Optimization (etc) will no longer be implemented as two “different” marketing endeavors/campaigns, next to Search Engine Optimization.

Search Optimization and Social will now be implemented together, as “one single marketing service and or marketing process”.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to take you for a fool.

For a long time now many top level SEO’s have been using Search Engine Optimization services along with Social Media marketing activities, as a part of their overall Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking factor process, but as time has gone by, more and more everyday we’re seeing more of the two, becoming viable within the same marketing process/service, across the web. (more…)

[UPDATE] The Google Plus Ripple Effect and it’s Benefits

The Google Plus Ripples Effect and Google Plus are a bloggers dream come true.

Don’t blame yourself if you’ve not yet heard of the”Ripples Effect” before now — the Ripples Effect is something that goes on, deep within the background of Google Plus, and unless you’re a highly educated marketer or really familiar with Google Plus and how it works, there’s really no other reason why you would have heard of it before now. (more…)