What Happened to All the SEO Bloggers?

Where did they all go?

There used to be so many awesome Search Optimization bloggers and today I just feel like they’ve all become burnt out with their (once passion) goals and dreams.

I understand getting writers block and not knowing what to write about, hell I get that everyday.

Though I just can’t see myself ever giving up on what I love.

I realize that I haven’t been as active as I should be. I know that guys. I’ve just had a lot going on with my health and life situations. Sometimes we can’t control what tomorrow brings. (more…)

Learning to Market Yourself and Not Your Product

Can your audience relate to you?

Do they trust you?

Interacting with others, like it or not, will be a part of all our lives, offline and on.

Are you promoting your services (products, etc) more than you’re promoting yourself?

If so, then you’re likely pushing more people away from you, than what you’re pulling in.

There’s no wonder you’re still not making progress online. (more…)

Negative SEO // Competitors and Your Site’s Ranking

Negative SEO is becoming ever so popular among webmasters, as well as the average business owner.

I’ve experienced “Negative SEO” being performed against me (on numerous occasion) — and my clients in the past.

Negative SEO has proved to be a real challenge. It’s something that all webmasters fear, will happen to them. and it could. (more…)

My Random Rant

successful blogger seoIf I said that I didn’t enjoy blogging, I’d be lying. Blogging has slowly become a part of my life, over the last past decade and for the most part, blogging has changed my life for the better. Blogging is similar to keeping a journal of what’s going on within my life and in my career. Blogging allows others to view my life’s journal, as an open book. Through my blog, I teach others how to do the exact same things that I do, in which caused me to become a successful entrepreneur and Search Marketer. (more…)

Deconstructing Search Algorithms

If you’re one of those who’ve been focusing any of your attention on what all the Social SEO’s are rambling about, day in and day out via Google+ then I’d assume your pretty fucked up right about now. Keeping up with what SEO’s are discussing on Google+ isn’t doing anything more for you than, helping you keep up with the Kardashians. Whithout mentioning any names, the majority of SEO’s on Google+ aren’t doing anything more than attempting to sell their new platform/product/book on the backend of their latest HOA. (more…)

Go Expert or Go Home!

For years now, Google’s Search economy has allowed many marketers to make descent money by implementing certain SEO techniques.

For years now — Google has allowed their Search ecosystem to provide low-quality results, to their searchers. (more…)

Your New Local SEO

What is a new Local SEO?

A new Local SEO, is an untrusted Local SEO, at least until he/she earns his merits in the local search community, as a leader, someone who has ranked many site’s, over a period of a long time.

Search Simplicity, owned by Gregory Smith — a well respected SEO of the Local Search Industry has decided to rebrand The Local SEO Company, to something more appealing.

As I introduced in a recent blog post, Search Simplicity is my new home and blog. I’ve had a good bit of time to fully decide what I wanted to do.

With a lot of merit and thorough reputation under my belt, I’ve decided that now is a great time to rebrand.

The Local SEO Company has enough of a solid reputation to manifest whatever comes its way. Can hold down the fort, so-to-speak. (more…)

The Introduction To Search Simplicity

Welcome to my new Start-up and Digital Marketing blog!


My name is Greg Smith, I’m the founder and manager of Search Simplicity.

Search Simplicity

Www.SearchSimplicity.Com — so tell me, before I have to ask, what do you think of my pretty, new domain name?

Cool isn’t it?

Well, I though so. :)