The Webmasters Guide To Category Pages

Category pages are often ignored and are often over-looked by Webmasters. In this guide — I am going to dig into the usages of category pages and how you can be best implemented them, in order to achieve the greatest benefit. (more…)

‘Magic Middle’ Blogs To Watch Out For in 2014

How many times throughout the entire year of 2013 did you see bloggers create “top 10″ and other “Top lists”? I don’t expect you to have a honest answer for that question — though the point I’m making here is that everyone seems to have a fair idea of which SEO bloggers are the cream of the crop. (more…)

What Is The Best WordPress Theme

what is the best wordpress theme to useWhat is the best WordPress theme?

I can’t think of a more broad, yet silly question to ask someone.

I received an email yesterday, from a fella, asking me if Thesis is still the best WordPress theme.

Not sure where the question came from, being that I personally don’t even use Thesis nor do I advocate the Thesis WordPress theme’s.

But to attempt to answer the question; “what is the best WordPress theme“, I suppose some light deserves to be added to the question. (more…)

How to Build a Profitable Blog With Ease

Building an authority website, is much more complex and efficient, not to mention a fruitful, Long-Term strategy, for someone interested in building their first website.

Many of you have already created more than just one website and the majority of you have failed each and every time, due to making the same mistakes over and over. (more…)

The Internal Linking Structure Tutorial

Every website has what is referred to as an internal linking structure.

Your internal linking structure plays a huge role in your overall ranking success, website authority, link quality, search engine crawlability, user friendliness, website architecture and so many other factors. (more…)