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My Toolbox will always remain up to date, as we all (together) move forward, in this ever so changing marketing environment!

Software and Service Features and Highlights will be listed next to each of the respected tools/services/offers.

The below links are affiliate links. Please consider supporting me by clicking and purchasing from my affiliate link. I feel that no one should try and hide their affiliate links. Nothing to hide here.

Use CTRL F + “Search Term” to find what you’re looking for, basically everything on the web has been compiled below, for YOUR convenience!.

I’ve compiled another list of tools — these are all 100% FREE tools.

I only recommend the best products available.

Your General Necessities

Data/Development/Rank Tracking/Analysis

:)  Rankerizer — Looking for the best (Free) rank checker software on the web. This is it, look no further!

:)  SEO Powersuite – (Professional Version: Free Version Available For a Limited Time!) (Enterprise Version:Free Version Available For a Limited Time!SEO PowerSuite is head and shoulders above any other search engine optimization software of its kind. This SEO toolkit is THE damn best deal you can get if you need effective and proven SEO software, that just plain works.

SEO Powersuite has a massive range of overall uses, and includes several sets of amazing software.

You’ll receive RankTracker – Rank Tracker Free Trial (the most accurate rank tracker in the world), Website Auditor – Website Auditor Free Trial (the master of locating website problems and fixing them), SEO Spyglass – SEO Spyglass Free Trial (to locate and download  competitor backlinks, for backlink research and link acquisition) and LinkAssistant – Link Assistant Free Trial (I use this bad boy to find killer link opportunities and link prospecting — it has gotten me some of my best links — is also a guest posters best friend)

:) Microsite Masters – Microsite Masters is a keyword Rank Checker that is 100% automated. Microsite Masters keeps track of all your keywords and it emails you the results once a day! This tool is similar to Rankerizer. I use Rankerizer. They’re both great keyword trackers. Feel free to use either one you’d like.

:) Xenu Link Sleuth — Xenu is a very awesome tool, one I’ve used for years to perform site audits. Xenu crawls a site, very similar to the way Google does. I advise you to read over the information, provided on their website.Xenu is Free to download. I have seen times where Xenu will cause a site to crash. I don’t advise you to use this on a client’s site. Their developer has fixed the issues that Xenu used to have, it’s nothing close to what SEO Powersuite offers, but… it’s free.

:( Screaming From SEO Spider Tool – Screaming Frog has been recommended and endorsed by many of the big players in our market, give the Free version a try. I use it, it has it’s purpose in the marketing world, it’s a great software for many different tasks. I prefer to use the Website Auditor in the SEO Powersuite. I don’t waste my time with small stuff and you shouldn’t either, when there’s something better on the market, this is if you can budget for it!

:( SEScout – This is one of the lower tier products, I’ve opened it up and played around with it, in the past and was’nt surprised by the low quality development. I do not recommend that you use this. At least not for those of you who want results.

Link Building

Tier 1 Links

:) Ultimate Demon (use this link and get an exclusive $50 Discount) – I love this one. This tool has made me a load of money, hand over fist. I’ve personally used Ultimate Demon to create T1 Links (I still use it regularly, even today), it really does one hell of a job at doing quality, automated SEO and Link Building work. This is one of the only software that I’d ever use on a client’s site’s and feel safe about it (while taking caution that is). Ultimate Demon is by far, the best Link Building tool on the market, as of right this year (2013).

I’ve had a ton of SEO and Link Building success with this bad boy. This link building software supports a massive range of platforms, it let’s you add your own lists of site’s, it let’s schedule everything so that the software will run, while you’re away, either on vacation or out of town, set up your money campaigns in just a matter of minutes and so, so much more!

Ultimate Demon is everything you’ll need, and you don’t have to bother with those worthless monthly subscriptions, as like with SenukeX. Don’t hesitate, you better just buy this one and learn to use it as quickly as possible!

:) Zsubmitter – Zsubmitter is a web 2.0 creation and content submitter. It’s relatively new, I’ve been using it since before it came out on the market and I got to say that this bad boy is the best thing since sliced bread. You’ve gotta get yourself a copy of this.

:) Link Assistant (Professional Version) (Limited Time Free version available) – Link Assistant’s main strategy and usage is helping you in locating link exchange partners. The general strategy usage, is pretty cool. I use it for automating and locating site’s that accept guest post’s and all sorts of other strategies. When this software is used with a little tender love and care, it can be your best little buddy! Link Assistant Enterprise Free Trial Link Assistant Enterprise

:( SenukeX – $147 a month ? Not!!!! Buy Ultimate Demon instead….. Sorry SenukeX — you guys suck.

:) Sick Submitter (Free trial available) – Versatile isn’t the word I’m looking for here. Sick is just a really Sick ass software! “You get what you pay for with this one.”

:( Article Demon – As like with Article Marketing Robot, I used to use both of these software regularly, but since Ultimate Demon came out, I’ve thrown these deep into the closet. There’s no comparison.

:( Bookmarking Demon – Bookmarking Demon used to be a favorite, used by many webmasters, but that’s changed..

Tools I Use For Creating Tier 2,3,4+

:) GSA Search Engine Ranker (Limited Time – Free Trial Available) – GSA can be used for Tier-1  –  I wanted to add it to the above category, but didn’t. GSA is one of the best Link Building tools on the market as of today.

(7/30/2014) GSA Search Engine Ranker is still a great tool but has lost a lot of its strength. Works good for tier 2 and tier 3.

:) 3WayLinks – Three Way Links are similar to one way links, but more powerful. This link network platform is owned by the same creator who built the best spinner and other successful software. It works nicely!

:) 1 Way Links — 1 way links has always been a kick ass backlink. These are as good as it gets.

:) ALN Authority Links Network — ALN was laughed at by Google, but so what – who gives a shit? ALN is used to boost your Tiers :) This way you’re aren’t taking any risk. Works and works extremely well. Ultimate MembershipPro Membership.

:( Link Wheel Bandit (Free trial available) – Wanting to automate your Web 2′s? This is your one stop shop! Link Wheel Bandit does a hell of a job for creating web properties around your T1′s.. Look into it!

:) Scrapebox – Scrapebox can be very easily misunderstood. Scrapebox comes out of the box, with tons of SEO software. This isn’t just a blog spam software, this is an all in one swiss army knife for SEO’s.

:) Xrumer (Free demo available) – XRumer has a bad reputation, but that’s solely due to the sheer power the damn thing offers. It can be very dangerous if used incorrectly. XRumer isn’t for your average beginner, XRumer, in many cases is only needed, when you need a Link Building bazooka!

Xrumer has a huge learning curve, not so much nowadays  as it used to — though when you learn to use XRumer correctly, it can be used to create any kind of link, on any kind of platform. XRumer offers a nice support system.

In case you haven’t heard…

Google has had 2 major updates in the past few months, Google Panda and Penguin.  These updates were aimed at webmasters buying links from link wheels, blog networks, and spammy type sites to quickly increase their rankings. Once these updates hit, sites that were ranking on the 1st page quickly dropped down. has worked hard the past few months to find what types of links are acceptable per Google’s new rules. After much experimentation is proud to announce their new Wikilinks – Google Panda/Penguin Friendly SEO Service

Check it out here:

The packages are inexpensive and really do work. has tested the results of using this service many times all with great and consistent results.

The days of just buying any type of links is long gone, you now must search for SEO services that are setup to abide by Google’s rules for link building.  

Check out the new service here:

To learn about our other services, check out our services page here:

Their team is comprised of only the best internet marketing experts who really know what they’re doing.

Check out their low priced package deals for all current and new services below:

We are here to help you, let us know if you have any questions or custom order requests!

Best regards,

Your Name

:) No Hands SEO   (Free trial available) – GSA Search Engine Ranker has pretty much put this one out of business! It provides a decent one click solution, but doesn’t offer what GSA does. You’d be silly to buy this, when you can buy GSA, for nearly the same price. Yet, it’s a good tool.

:( Scrapejet  – Created by the same team that created Scrapebox – but not recommended. It just sucks!

:) SEO Link Vine Private Blog Network – This has been one of the best private blog networks, i’ve ever used. I’ve been with them a long time, and plan on remaining with them. Highly recommended to anyone who is serious.

Link Research

:) Ahrefs (Limited free account available) – AHREFS is a really sweet little setup and one I highly recommend. Looking for something to keep track of your backlink profiles and keep tabs on everything, this is your best friend. It’s kept up to date more frequently than that of SEOMoz and more detailed data and information.

:) SEOSpyGlass  (Limited free version available) – Part of the highly recommended SEO Powersuite, which is one heck of a tool to keep with any SEO arsenal. This is a great little tool to perform competitor analysis and review what type of links your competitors are building on.

:) Google Webmaster Tools (Free) – Google Webmaster Tools has a very unlimited amount of resources and is another of those I highly recommend. Don’t worry, you can thank me later!

:) Bing Site Explorer (Free) – Bing Site Explorer offers a lot of sweet little resources. Check it out, you’ll be really happy you did.

:( MajesticSEO (Limited free account available) – I highly recommend that you RUN with AHREFS, instead of choosing Majestic.

Backlink Monitor

:) Inspyder Backlink Monitor – InSpyder Backlink Monitor supports tiered link structures and will correct the tier layout for you on automation, provides a thorough link index research tool, keeps track of page rank and so much more. Get your $10 off discount through my link only!

Link Indexing

:) Indexification – Your Automated Link Indexing Solution! – Over the years — I’ve come to learn how to get links indexed pretty darn well. I created my own link indexing strategy and not long afterwards, indexing platforms began popping up all over the place! I’ve tried them all, and from my what I’ve learned is that there is one of them that works and works very well. Get it while you still can.

Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis

:) Niche Finder  – One of the more frequent Keyword Research Tools I use is Niche Finder. Niche Finder does an amazing job at providing you all the KW Research you’ll ever need. It has lots of high quality options. It shows the difficult level of each keyword and also provides the best Domain Research interface I’ve ever seen.RankTracker from the SEO Powersuite is another cool tool to use.


Proxies, etc

:) My Private Proxy – My Private Proxy has been providing a quality proxy platform, for me, for quite some time and has always worked well.

:) Hide My Ass (FREE) — HMA Proxy server provides a free private browser, for those of you who need it, and you can also find some free proxies there.

Web Traffic

Traffic Generation

:) BuzzBundle – Buzz Bundle is one of my favorites! I love this baby, it’s perfect for tracking and managing all your social platforms, at once. You can track your specified keywords across the web and participate in social platforms, forums, etc from within the software. Using Buzz Bundle, is one of the only traffic generation tools I’ll probably ever need. :)

:) Tribe Pro – Tribe Pro is a content syndication tribe. Content Syndication is the process of others “Syndicating” your content around the web, by sharing it through social media channels, etc.. Tribe Pro is the webs number one Tribe. There is a small monthly fee, which is what makes Tribe Pro high quality. There’s tons of tribe members there, just waiting for you to upload your content, so that they can earn points. You’ll love the way this works. Try it and you’ll love it!


Captcha Services and Captcha Software

:) GSA Captcha Breaker – GSA Captcha Breaker was developed by the same team that developed the awesome GSA Search Engine Ranker. I purchased both Captcha Sniper and Captcha Breaker at the same time, on the same day. Since then, I’ve used both of them very extensively and have got to say that at this time, Captcha Sniper is the winner in Captcha Breaking Software.Both work well, but I personally recommend Captcha Sniper.

:) Captcha Sniper  (free trial) – As mentioned just above, in the Captcha Breaker review, I use it and get tons of value from it. I recommend it over GSA Captcha Breaker at this time.

:) Death By Captcha – I have used DeCaptcher and all the other ones, but I personally prefer Death by Captcha. This is used, for when my Captcha Breaking Software fails, then the software will use this to get the captcha correct. Very recommended to run this will either of the above software. Works great with GSA SER.

:( DeCaptcher – These guys have changed their domain name, more times than I’ve ever seen one company do in a lifetime. They used to provide a decent service, but at this point, hell no, they suck!

Content Creation and Management and Marketing

Hand Written Articles

:) 99centarticles – This is a really awesome content services, they provide awesome quality a a very affordable rate! I’ve spent a good bit of money with them over a long period of time and Michael provides the best and quickest support, that you could ever ask for, for any company out there!

:( ArticleWritingETC – These guys are known for providing pure shit. Use them at your own risk.

:( Weaving Thoughts – You’ll really want to look into this one, there’s a bit of low hanging fruit here guys.. I use them, for a reason!

Auto Generated Articles

:) Wicked Article Creator – I enjoy how WAC has so many options, and creates the customised content. specifically for all the main SEO software, ready built for tools like gsa, etc. Recommended by me. (for now anyways)

:) Article Builder — I had the privilege of using this amazing little web based platform, for a couple of months. I absolutely loved it. Created by the same team that created The Best Spinner, this platforms uses the Best Spinner in its interface. You simply enter your keywords, and it pulls an article, from its database, and then you have the option to use TBS to spin it to how ever many articles you need. Awesome software here guys!

:( Get Article Pro – This software isn’t updated anymore — do not buy it..

:) Kontent Machine – highly recommended by me, I’ve had this one in my tool box for many moons. A damn good one if you’re needing something for content creation. They’re an absolute machine!

Blog Comments

Scrapebox – Scrape a list of related wordpress blogs, then click grab comments from harvested list. Paste into The Best Spinner, replace everyone’s favourites and voila! You now have a huge list of relevant comments to go spam with.

Article Spinning

:) The Best Spinner (Trial available) – This is the best spinner I’ve come across, and I’ve experimented with probably 10 or more. Highly recommended, it does what it’s suppose to, and does it really well.


Fiverr – If you need a video for your site you can’t go wrong with Fiverr. Some gigs are better than others so look around but you can get some great looking videos made for just $5.

Social Media & Website Subscription Manageability


:) BuzzBundle (Limited — Free Version Available!) – I mentioned this amazing software above, in my traffic generation section. I absolutely love it — because it Works!  I highly recommend Buzbundle to anyone who is interested in leveraging the power of the internet and taking their website to the NEXT level!

Extreme Social Signals

:) Synnd (Free version available) – Use this awesome tool to drip feed Tweets and Likes to your site(s) throughout the month. This is a really awesome tool, and one you need.

:) Fiverr – I recommend that you only use Synnd for your favorite, profitable site’s and then use Fiverr, if needed, for other projects. There’s tons of small gigs to choose from, and theres a lot of new ones added every day.

:) HOOTSuite – I use this to manage all of my social network profiles and pages on Facebook in one easy to use web based interface. Great reporting, stats, monitoring and scheduling.

Tweet Deck – Used to be a lot more useful before Twitter ruined it. Also I don’t fancy using a tool owned by Twitter to manage multiple Twitter profiles, that’s just as stupid as telling Google your SEO strategy.

Tweet Attacks – A damn good Twitter, marketing software, at least while they’re still offering they’re software to the public.


Aweber (Trial available) – The best e-mail marketing service there is period. Have used them for personal and corporate projects for over 4 years now and they have never let me down.



As this page grows — more detailed information will be added.


Green Geeks – This is the current host of the blog – The provide “green” energy operated servers! Their servers are quick, and their support is great.

Hawk Host — I’ve used them before, and while their service is cheap it’s an ok service, for the price. Not bad!

Aged Domains With PR

GoDaddy Auctions – Sign up to GoDaddy auctions and use it. There’s tons of golden nuggets just laying around.

Digital Point – I have tried to buy a few domains from Digital Point forum sellers including a PR6. After getting scammed a few times I’m done! Easier and safer to buy from GoDaddy Auctions or a professional broker.


:) The Professional’s Training Course in SEO – Great for beginners.

This Blog

Thesis WordPress Theme and Framework

:) Thesis Theme Framework and Themes – I absolutely love Thesis. I recently started using Thesis, and all I can say right now, is wow! If you give a damn about how your site looks and operates, use Thesis.

I’m currently (2014) using a customized Genesis Child theme. To have me build a custom Genesis child theme or Genesis Pro theme just for you, email me to request a quote. The reason I quit using Thesis and happily switched to Genesis is because of Genesis overall simplicity. Thesis was just too difficult. The more Thesis update’s, the more the develop


As this website grows, I will be adding more awesome reviews on a daily basis. If you’re not reviewing this page, when you need more info, you’re missing out!

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