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I’ve speculated for the past couple of years that guest posting would soon become a highly used spam activity among Blackhat SEO’s and the not so experienced, uneducated SEO’s. Today Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team, answered some questions publicly about what is a safe practice when it comes to guest posting and what is not.

I would like to inform you, if you’re going to use guest posting as a mans of building links, there’s a few ways to go about doing it to gain the most benefit. I’ve used guest posting as a means to leverage some powerful links for clients (by custom request) in the past and some of the things I done for my clients, to assure that the quality of my practice was as high as possible, was by following some of the following guidelines:

A.) I would not contribute as a guest unless the website I was interested in would allow me to set up and contribute via a monthly column. By maintaining a monthly column, this would allow for me to contribute 1-2 times each month, as a regular contributor. This makes my contribution natural, as a regular contributor to the site I’m contributing to.

B.) I would always use relevant outbound links to other sites that just my own and I would rarely ever link to a home page. The page I would link to had to be relevant.

In the video created by Matt Cutts — Matt provides you with what’s allowed by Google. Matt points out some of the things that are OK by Google and he also points out some of the things that Google will “view as spam“. Be careful when watching this video and make sure that you watch it closely. Guest posting should never be your only source for getting backlinks.

Search Simplicity regularly publishes content to our “Search Jazz” category. If you have created or know of an up to date video, audio, podcast, media, images or etc that deserve to be highlighted — please feel free to comment under one of our “Search Jazz” columns and let us know.

Comment below and let us know what you think about the above video. Always use caution when guest posting. If you’re submitting to a site that you’re not so sure about or have some concerns, then don’t submit your content to that site. Common since goes a very long ways.

There’s some really awesome “guest posting” communities on Google+ that you might want to check out. They’re filled with tons of people looking to guest post on one another’s sites and blogs.

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