How I Used Blogging To Dominate Google in 2 Months

Use Blogging To Dominate Google's Search Engine RankingsAs the majority of you are already aware — I recently moved into a new home. I’m not talking about a physical home, I’m talking about an online home. I moved from my old blog to this new one, just a little over two months ago.

My old blog just wasn’t as brandable as I would of liked for it to be. The domain stood out like a sore thumb and screamed “spam”. Not something I was happy about and not an online domain I wished to further pursue. So I made the move.

Aside from not being happy with the old domain, the blog did become successful, due to my ability to create awesomeness and Google favored it, to say the least. That is up until October, 4th crawling came along. The blog was penalized by Google Penguin. There was a very small amount of negative SEO performed against the site. I’m led to believe that this is why the site was penalized.

I’m not big on building links, especially not to my own site’s. After an in-depth review of the blogs link profile, there couldn’t have been more than 10 bad links built to the whole site.

I’ve not mentioned this publicly, up until now. SEO has and always will be an ongoing challenge and without experimenting, and gaining knowledge through trial and error — one doesn’t deserve to be called an SEO. SEO is and always will be a constantly evolving (marketing) art.

Download this guide as a PDF file and take it with you to use as a interment of your success!

I have done a full recovery audit and analysis and have taken the necessary actions to see to it that the site will be recovered. Unfortunately — to recover from Penguin (an automated filter) we as webmasters must wait until Google Penguin is refreshed. In some cases, I have seen site’s recover from Penguin during a Panda refresh.

So — without hesitation, I quickly chose to rebrand and rebuild my blog. I’m really happy that I made that decision too. Let’s look at what benefits I’ve received so far for my new online home blog.

I Used Blogging To Dominate Google in 2 Months

The first thing that I chose to do when I rebuilt my blog — was rebrand it. Google favors brands, so I have decided to fight fire, with fire. Using an Exact Match Domain (EMD) is a thing of the past (although they still work and work very well) for me. Though going forward — you may see me doing some live case studies using EMD’s — but that’s about it.

After setting the blog up and adding a temporary WordPress theme (I have a custom “Genesis WordPress child theme” in development as we speak/type) — the first thing I done was start the development of unique blogging. Content creation and networking have played a huge role in my success too, as I’ll point out below.

Content is the lifeblood of my work. Truth is, people love my no-non-sense attitude toward industry subjects and my blogging style, no matter what I blog about. I’ve used that unique power of mine ( lol ) in all my tutorials and guides and plan to continue with it in the future.

How Was I Able To Keep My Audience While Moving

I wrote a blog post about my move and about my intentions of rebranding and I made it a sticky post on my old blog. I then took to 48hourslogo to start a logo design contest, while asking my audience to help me pick the winning logo. I kept my audience active in my changes, throughout the entire rebranding process.

Before I had even written 2 blog posts here on Search Simplicity, I had folks from my audience submitting 4-5k word Google Penguin case studies.

One of the things I’m still left questioning myself about is the remaining ‘viral‘ content — that’s left over on my old blog. Should I move it to this blog or should I leave it where it is?

As my new blog began to grow — Google started favoring it by (obviously) manually ranking the blog for the keywords I’ve used in my title tags.

Some of the keywords The New Blog is Ranking For Already:

A.) Local SEO Company

B.) Local SEO Services

C.) Hire a Local SEO

D.) Best Local SEO Company

E.) Best Local SEO Services

As you can see, the above keywords that I’m currently ranking for aren’t non-competitive search terms. These are terms that take a fairly long time to rank for, not to mention a ton of SEO work and great links.

Is it that Google favors my blog style and content so much that they’ve just given me these rankings? Is this Google’s way of saying; “this is what we want to see other website owners doing and this is our way of rewarding website owners for following Google’s guidelines“?

how to domiante google blogging

I can’t answer that question — but do yourself a favor and “verify these mentioned rankings in Google” right now. This just goes to show you that by building a nice brandable blog, building great content and making sure your website architecture is superb (and by following all of Google’s other guidelines) that you can get the traffic you’ve always wanted — without the need of going against Google.

As we move into 2014 — things are surely changing, as for the way Google ranks website’s. I’m not hip on predicting the future of search, but… I’ve always been fond of the old saying; “actions speak louder than words“. I think these rankings speak volumes.

Upon the launch of this new blog — I did create a couple of links, to get the blog indexed nicely. Going forward — I will be following the no backlink experiment as outlined by some of the following bloggers:

The No Backlink Experiment From Other Bloggers:

After doing a Google search — it seems there have been many other bloggers to have gained substantial success, from following a simple to follow, no-backlink experiment.

In many cases, I’ve seen backlinks hurt a website’s rankings, more than benefiting them. When you think about this experiment, you’re content will be naturally building your links for you — so while it’s called a “no-backlink experiment” — links will inevitably be the driving force behind the “experiment”.

The difference is, you won’t be building links manually. I know there’s a lot of you who do not believe that creating content alone will drive traffic. You’re right it probably won’t. There’s just too many website’s online nowadays for that to happen.

How To Implement This Experiment:

What were going to do to drive the experiment is implement my secret marketing sauce. Were going to make use of the oldest marketing tricks in the book. That “trick” is called “outreach”.

The sole reason this trick works, is the fact that so many marketers are too lazy to implement it.

How often is it you implement forums, email, social networks, blogs, etc to promote your content? I’m not talking about your average WordPress social sharing plugins either. What I’m talking about doing, I’ve outlined in other guides and tutorials, but I just don’t feel like you’re really getting the point.

There’s 1 way to make use of the mentioned promotional properties and one way only, as far as I’m concerned. When implemented correctly, there’s no way any of you can fail.

A Quick Brief On Content Promotion Strategies:

Email: Always email website owners after linking to them from your content and “thank them” for their hard work and valuable content. Chances are great that they’ll link to you and share your content in their social networks.

Forums: Write tutorials on forums and position yourself as the expert. Remember that beginners use forums first and foremost. Provide professional assistance where it’s needed. Chances are they’ll look up to you and start following you. This is a very easy way to drive traffic and gain new clients, etc.

Social Networks: Start implementing Google+. Share and engage. Share and engage. Share and engage. Share and engage. Position yourself as the expert in your niche.

Blogs: On a daily basis you should be leaving valuable comments on the blogs of industry influencers. This is another very easy traffic generation method. One you should be implementing regularly.

When you keep asking questions and often times keep getting the same old answers — it’s time for you to take action. Everyone can’t be wrong, right?

This is what I have done to dominate Google in 2 quick months. No link schemes, no black hat tricks. Just simple, effective marketing. You too can do the exact same thing if you dedicate yourself. I’m not one of those huge social media experts and when I share a post on social media, it doesn’t get hundreds of shares.

If you have any questions about any of the above strategies or mentioned methods, please feel free to comment below and I’ll reply to you with an answer to your questions as soon as I possibly can.

Please help me to spread the word about this article by implementing my social share buttons. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Christmas day article. Merry Christmas to you and your family. God bless each of you and best wishes for 2014.

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