How To Find Expired Domain Names With High Page Rank

How to find expired domains. Using agedexpired domainswith high page rank — is a strategy that can and should be tweaked to dominate tons of various marketing strategies.

The Ultimate Guide To Finding High PR Expired Domain Names is a direct tutorial and educational guide that teaches you exactly how to find high page rank, expired domain names. It is completely up to you, how you will use this strategy. You can use this tutorial along with some of my others. So — let’s start by ultimately mastering the goal of leveraging the secret to dominating online success, shall we? :)

There are several different ways for you to very easily buy high PR expired domain names. I’m going to show you a few, very solid tips and tricks that you can implement right away. No non-sense and no fluff, just straight to the point win-win marketing strategies. Nothing more — nothing less.

Expired Domains With High PR (Tips n Tricks)

Before we get ahead of ourselves — I want to just mention a couple of reminders.

“It’s in your best interest to outsource someone to do some of the following work for you.” Many of you are business owners and don’t have enough free time on your hands, to do some of the work that’s required in my marketing tutorials.

Most, if not all of my tutorials and training — consist of advanced marketing strategies and can be very competitive in nature.

Similar to how I showed you how we “maintain 100% control” over all of our links, when implementing the tiered link building tutorials — expired domains can also provide the same ownership over your links. If Google was to ever hit your site, all you’d have to do is go and remove the link(s) yourself.

This allows you to maintain your businesses/website stability and success — long-term.

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To get the most out of your hard work — when buying expired domains with high page rank — you should always put each domain on a unique i.p (doesn’t have to be a unique c class) and on a unique hosting account.

Keep in mind, not every high page rank domain was build appropriately. Before buying an expired domain name, make sure you dig into the data and make sure that the page rank wasn’t created via complete spam.

More importantly, make sure the PR isn’t fake. A shitty domain isn’t going to do you a lot of good. Your goals are unique, when compared to the next marketers goals, make sure that the domains data is in line with your personal goals.

In this tutorial, you will learn the following and then some:

  1. What metrics you should be looking at when considering to buy an expired domain name
  2. How to know if the Page Rank and other metrics will “stick”
  3. You will know if it is a scam or a real deal — you never have to buy a crappy domain ever again
  4. You will learn what price you should be paying just by looking at the data
  5. You will learn exactly how to dominate the buying process of expired domains
  6. You will own the best, most aged, highest PR, expired domain names available on the web
  7. Nothing will be left on the table

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Learning to understand the metrics, will prevent you from ever being scammed again.

Domain metrics can easily be manipulated, and well.. like it or not, there are people who do nothing more than sit at home and manipulate domain metrics, in an evil attempt to manipulate hard working business folks just like you and I.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most manipulated domain metrics and look at the areas that are manipulated the most and learn how to recognize domain manipulation.

Domain Age

The older the domain — the better. Older domains are more trustworthy in the eye of search engines.  The older a domain might be, the more time it has had to grow and gain authority.

Domain age can be located by viewing the Whois information — for any particular domain. Whois information can sometimes be manipulated. Always check the wayback machine. Wayback machine dates back to 1996 and shows everything that was ever indexed on that domain name.

It is best to use this to find the domain age (as long as the domain has not been dropped).

Page Rank (PR)

Page Rank is no longer looked upon as it once was. At one point in time, Google used Page Rank as one of their most measurable metrics, when measuring the authority of a url. Today, I don’t even look at PR when reviewing a competitor and analyzing competition.

Google Toolbar Page Rank can be faked very easily. One of the easiest ways of faking the Page Rank of a domain is to redirect the domain to a high PR domain. When Google crawls your domain, Google will save the PR of the site in which you have your domain redirected to.

You can easily learn of a site using fake Page Rank by entering into Google: info:thedomainname . If the domain has been forwarded to another domain, that domain will show up for your search.



The screen-shot above clearly shows you, that the domain name “” has been temporarily forwarded (301/302 redirected) to the url

After performing a thorough check on the Page Rank of this domain, I have found that it shows a Page Rank of 7.

A PR of Seven — is an incredibly large number.

Just so happens, this PR is fake.

The actual PR belongs to (please do not attempt to try this at home.)

Let’s say that you’ve done a search using the “info:” in Google. If the Page Rank is real — then Google will show only the site in which you typed into Google and not some other site. When Google returns another site, as it did in the above screen-shot, you know that the domain has been forwarded.

SEOMoz Metrics


Moz — once called SEOmoz, is a data and analysis (SEO Software) based company. The software provided by Moz is the best quality software, found online — Moz makes link building research a breeze.

Domain Authority (DA) is an advanced metric provided on a numerical scale of 0 to 100. Domain Authority justifies how well a site might perform in Google. Domain Authority is sometimes used to measured domains. Domain Authority is calculated by combining numerous Moz link metrics into a single logarithmic weight/scale.

Moz sometimes uses quality based machine learning to determine how well a site might perform in Google. As their algorithm/model will grow with the changes in Google’s algorithm, the Domain Authority of a website may fluctuate over a period of time.

Due to this, it is best to use Domain Authority to compare two domains as opposed to using it to measure the value of a domain.

Page Authority (PA) is an advanced metric — one that denotes the chance of any particular page to rank well in Google. Page Authority is quite similar to Domain Authority for the domain (a metric for the home page of the website).

MozRank (MA) is an advanced metric, one which scales at between 0 and 10. MozRank justifies the quality of the links are to a given page. A domain with a fairly high number of quality links to the homepage would have a higher MozRank — when compared to a domain that doesn’t.

Back Links data – Moz provides link research and gives you all the backlink information you’ll ever need.

Moz works to update their index once every month. I highly recommend that you subscribe to Moz (SEOMoz) and start using their SEO tools. SEOmoz provides the best tools in the industry and they’re only getting better, as the days pass by — not to mention, Moz has one of the best damn SEO blogs in the business.

I recommend that if you aren’t already, you should start reading at least one of their blog posts each day and making use of all their tools. SEOmoz leaves nothing behind and you’re guaranteed to benefit from everything they offer.

Another great tool you should check out is Open Site Explorer

Now, if you’re ready, we’ll leap frog into the more beneficial aspects of this tutorial.

How To Find Expired Domains With High PR



Step #1

Sign up for and complete registration for a Godaddy account. This will allow you to register domains that are about to expire. In this step I will show you how to find expiring or expired domains. This is the sweat spot, so pay close attention. :)

OK, now let’s go to ExpiredDomains.Net <– The Sweat Spot! ) <— I love this one!!  :]


Click on “show filter”, to make these options visible to you:

After you’ve taken the time to review the filtering options, please go ahead and select “only with dmoz entry”. The reason I suggest you to choose this option, is because the dmoz directory is edited/curated by humans. Dmoz is somewhat trusted by Google, because of this. So, locating domains that have already been listed in dmoz is a huge bonus to you.

In order to locate those domains listed in dmoz, be sure and check the option and sort by PR or Alexa (three month traffic average).

Quick Optimization Note

You’ve come this far — would it be a lucky guess if I guessed you had a website, one you’d like to make money from?

Chances are — you probably have lots of ideas churning in your head right now, about how you’d like to go about making money online.  There’s that one site you have though, that stands out above the others. Let’s call that one site, your money site.

The internet is steadily growing at an upward rate of insane numbers of websites. What websites link to your website is irreverent. Doesn’t matter if it’s or seo marketing tips . com What does matter is the links that point to those websites and the age of those websites and other similar metrics, etc.

Step #2

Backorder Domains

buy expired domain names from godaddy

You should use ExpiredDomains.Net to create a list. If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment or so to create a list of expiring domains. Once you have a list, you want to filter that list and pick a few domains to put on back-order.

At any given moment, there are 19 million domains expiring. Godaddy is one of the only registrars that can perform a customized registrar ping and alert you once that domain has been put back on the public market. This allows you to be the first person to purchase that domain.

You should use the Godaddy Domain Backorder. This custom backorder will watch only those domains you ask it to watch, and will purchase them for you, as soon as they become available.

You will have the option of setting your recommended price range, etc.

Step #3

Working With High PR Expired Domains

OK — So you’re excited to get your hands on a few killer, high PR domains. You know all too well what they can do for you. At this point, it’s pretty much just a waiting game, unless you’ve already purchased some. Normally, when using my tutorial it will take you at minimum one day.

You will never lose anything, when following my practice. If Godaddy misses grabbing your domain, Godaddy credits the funds back to your account, allowing you to try again. There’s no risk involved.

If you’re someone who has followed my “how to build a private blog network tutorial” — then that tutorial can work hand in hand with this tutorial. These high PR domains, make for the absolute best domains to use when building a blog network. Don’t forget, you’ll also be in complete control over your sites.

It will only take a few of these high PR domains to pass on high Page Rank to your money site. Keep in mind, when setting up these domains/websites they need to all be unique and not have any intimate correlation with one another. Don’t use the same Google Analytics on more than one site and don’t use the same Google Adsense on more than one site.

Step #4

Content Creation and Keyword Targeting

For each site you create, you want to add relevant content to each of them, in order for the links to provide some authority. Once you’ve come this far, don’t go and screw it up, by using duplicate content or copy content from another of your sites. Maintain quality throughout the project and keep it clean.

When linking back to your money site, maintain the anchor text rule of thumb. The following percentages are not 100% correct, nor are there a 100% correct way to anchor. Use the percentages below as a guide only.

This guide will prevent any anchor text problems from arising within Google. This will keep the Penguins away and keep you safe.

  • 25% target keyword phrase
  • 15% similar but different target keyword phrase
  • 30% URL, eg “”
  • 30% “click here” or “see more” or other generic links

In Conclusion

Now that you have a great idea of how to find expired domains with high PR, you basically have complete control over building the most powerful blog network ever. Expired domains can be used for so many revenue generation strategies, that the power of this tutorial is absolutely unlimited. Period…

Below — I have linked for you, the places I use to deal in domains and buy expired domains:

  2. Godaddy
  3. Sedo
  4. Namejet
  5. Pool
  6. AfterNIC
  7. Fabulous
  8. Dropping
  9. Digital Point Forum


You might also want to check out the bonus I’ve provided you with, below. This tutorial is the first of many that I’ll be creating for you surrounding this topic. If there’s something particular that you need to see me write about, please use the comments section below to let me know what you need. I’m here to help you, but I can’t help, if I don’t know what you want.

I have been using this cool little site to locate some high pr domains here lately, because it’s been really easy to use and easy to understand. The site you need to go to is .

Before you begin to use it, watch the video that teaches you how to use the site. Once you click on the link I provided you with, there is a hyperlink that you can click on to view the video.  It’s absolutely necessary you watch the video. Pretty cool stuff — Click to tweet about it!

Please continue to help me spread the word about my blog by sharing it with your friends. You can share it by clicking here and Tweeting.

Don’t have the time to go on an expired domain hunt?

No worries, I’ve got you covered.

You can email me to discuss how I can better help you. I will be awaiting your mail. Go back and read this article, to learn how to find expired domain names that have NOT been spammed.

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  1. apurva says

    Good explanation. Many domain search are there. We need to spend time and money to select and register a perfect domain name. In online business, domain names are very much important to get business. I have registered one expired domain name from

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    It’s crucial that you put your web site address with your titles along one fringe of your screen. However, there are numerous attack types that can still get through. Viral marketing is really a sort of undercover advertising, where videos, games, articles and the like are spread on the Internet through blogs or sites, keeping the company’s
    name attached with them.

  3. says

    Hi Gergory,

    No doubt that this tutorial is helpful. But I’m in doubt that it’s worth to consider only about page rank and age.

    It’s wise to review other factors such an link profile, domain authority, CF, CT etc. There are expires domains that have PR 6, 1000s of back links but from a one root domain.

  4. says

    Please neglect the previous comment, I’ve not read this page completely (actually it haven’t loaded completely until I refreshed the page). So I just finished read thing below Google screen. You have addressed all that criteria.

    • says


      Why didn’t the page load correctly? Glad you found what you was looking for bud. Let me know if you have more questions and I’ll try and help.


  5. Moe says


    I have found one with PR7 but not listed in Dmoz, its not advisable to get that? would it be fake?


    • says


      I would highly advise you to get that. DMOZ has not approved hardly any websites in the past couple of years. Don’t pay any attention to DMOZ anymore. DMOZ is a thing of the past!!

      Get it..

  6. seojaipur says

    Appreciating the hard work you put into your site and in depth information you provide.It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed information.Excellent read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  7. says

    Nice article but what is the most important metric here? PR, authority, Moz Rank or trust? What kind of numbers should be looked at to indicate a site that would provide a valuable backlink when done right?

    • says


      In my most professional opinion; I wouldn’t use of your mentioned metrics when determining what you refer to as a “valuable backlink”. Some of the variables that I would personally look at are – page relevance, page title, overall relecance, outbound link quality, number of outbound links on a webpage and what value that link would give me.

      Please keep in mind that link building isn’t just about SEO. I have some links in my link profile that provide ZERO% SEO value, but provide tons of targeted traffic. I sometimes mine for links that provide brand value, etc.

      These are just a couple of examples that should help answer your question and provide some value to your overall link acquisition.

      Gregory Smith

        • says


          In that case Steve, stay far away from Page Rank….. Pay close attention to DA and PA , Relevancy, Quality, Age and of-course price. Let me know if you have any other questions or have a suggestion for something you’d like to see me blog about. I reall appreciate user feedback, would love to hear some of what you might have to say. Feel free to use the forum for q&a!

          Hope this helps,
          Greg Smith

  8. says

    Thanks Gregory for sharing such awesome guide. is new for me, nowadays everyone trying to book such dropped PR domains for SEO purpose.

  9. Richard says

    “To get the most out of your hard work — when buying expired domains with high page rank — you should always put each domain on a unique i.p (doesn’t have to be a unique c class) and on a unique hosting account. ”

    Hi Gregory, how can i put each domain on a unique IP?

    Sorry noob about these stuffs..

    • says


      There are many different hosting companies out there that offer the purchase of I.P’s as a service. Some offer like 29 unique i. for 100$ a month. I have a friend who does it, if interested let me know and I might be able to help you.

      Gregory Smith

  10. John says

    It seems like this is a competitive sort of thing, with everyone vying for the same domain can you really pull quality PR4+ domains? How does it work when people are trying to register the same expired domain?

    I’m considering just using GoDaddy Auctions to buy one, there are quality PR6’s floating around for $300. But if I could get one through expireddomains for the price of registration I’d love that…

  11. starter domainer says

    Hi Greg :)
    Great and well-written guide. Really awesome!
    Now I have some questions:
    You said:
    “That’s why I’ve stopped buying expired domains and started buying “NEW domains”
    Please explain why.

    Another question:
    What about “expired” domains that lost their PR and indexed pages on Google?

    Thanks a lot.. keep your great effort and distinguished writing!

  12. says

    Greg, being a long time direct marketer I have had websites for 12 years, only doing seo about a year. Your website pretty much sums up what I have learned with intense study and some mistakes, of course.
    A mentor would be of immense help, the real deal is that they mostly want to grab a few bucks up front then emails go unanswered.

    Your candor is refreshing. Nate

  13. says

    This is really a great tutorial to find expired domain with High PR.. You have mention step by step guide that even newbie can learn from here easily.. I just followed your method and got lots of High PR domain now going to sell it for $$$ :)

    • says


      Sorry it has taken me a while to approve your comment. I have ben away, focusing on our offline marketing, etc.

      I’m glad that my tutorial has helped you to make some money.

      Greg Smith

  14. freddie says

    Hi Greg,

    Great article and I have learnt a lot and found some expiring domains which I think might be suitable. However, I’m a little confused as to what I do once I have landed the domain I want, once I have added the new pages do I then forward the old URL’s to my new URL’s in webmaster tools? Do I try and keep as close to the original URL’s as possible? Also, what about IP address, should I use unique IP to avoid being penalized by search engines?



  15. says

    Hi Greg,

    If it’s OK with you another viable place you can find expired domains that is all also spam free:

    Tip: also make sure you double check the expired domains with tools such as: ahref, majestic seo, opensite explorer, and, because sometimes what one tool won’t show you, another tool will. Also make sure to check both “www” and “non-www” URLs in the ex domain.


    • says


      Great information you’ve provided here. I’m just now seeing your comment, so sorry if i’m late getting here. I stopped using akismet to detect comment spam several days ago and this new plugin isn’t letting the blog update me about new comments. I’m going to have to look into this right now.

      Do you own ? If so — email me.

      Greg Smith

  16. says

    I ask, isn’t seeking high PR expired domains short-sided. We know that PR is slowly going by the way side. Currently when building PBN or enhancing another domain, PR has more juice. So what’s the long game, get high PR now and work hard to build domain authority and page authority in case the PR shoe drops.

    I have been going nuts trying to buy a some decent expired domains, but the the starting 12.00 price explodes inside the 2 day mark. Worse of all, it stays at 12.00 and I feel that I am buying garbage. This article is going to help find the domain and stick to it when and if it stays relatively cheap. I am trying to build up my reptile site , Galaxy Reptiles. It’s a great niche, not many players, but the few they are seem to have their SEO on lock.

    Great post thanks.

    • says


      Please read the whole article. There are also a few other similar tutorials here on Search Simplicity that will provide you with ALL of the information you’ll ever need to find and buy great, expired domains at the lowest price possible.

      Check out my latest tutorial titled “what to do after buying an expired domain name” there’s lots of great indepth information inside of that tutorial. Please let me know if you have more questions or need my one on one help. Make sure that you look over the mentioned tutorials, before requesting one on one help.


    • says


      Thanks for stopping by. I really do appreciate your kind words. Please let me know if I can continue to help you. Don’t hesitate to email me, with your questions.

      Looking forward to hearing from you again, soon.

      Greg Smith

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