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Link prospecting. Link Removal. Penguin analysis, research, link disavowing and all that jazz. It’s what we do best, aside from everything else we do. Link building isn’t what it once was, its changed and its changed dramatically. Having a qualified, veteran link expert working for you, for the long term is absolutely detrimental to the success of your business.

If you’re here on this page, chances are you’re already familiar with what link building is and why it’s imperative to the progress of your Search Optimization campaign. If you’re already subscribed to our Search Engine Optimization campaigns, then this link plan and prospecting isn’t necessarily for you. That is unless you have a need for link removal of one of your sites, a Penguin audit, link audit a disavow analysis and link research, etc.

This service is only available by request. I don’t provide quotes. I only accept offers, so when you make an offer, make sure it’s really awesome or I will likely not even respond to your email. In other words, if you need something done, contact me and tell me all about what you’re needing to have done. Please provide me with as many details as you can and tell me what you’re willing to pay me to do this work. Most small businesses should have a budget for this sort of work, when and if being done.

I normally try to respond to your email immediately. If I’m away from my PC when you email me, I will respond to your email, as soon as I return to my desk.

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