Indirect Linking // Tiered Link Building Tutorial

Several months ago I wrote an article that has since become very popular and has gained viral syndication across the web.

Since that time — the tiered link building process has been widely abused and has lost a bit of its strength.

It isn’t a surprise to me, that tiered link building doesn’t work as well today, as it did a few years ago. Anything that is posted online — is a free-for-all for the Google webspam team (and link spammers) to dissect and penetrate.

The biggest hole on the web, for Google to dive deeply into and research everything that’s going on is web forums such as Blackhat World, Warrior Forum and the like.

Without digging into the Politics of the subject matter — let’s take a look at another, more up-to-date tutorial, aimed at the tiered link building strategies that work today.

While we get started with this brief tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to use this link building strategy as a link building strategy that’ll stand the test of time.

Link Tiers That Work 2014 Style

In the future you should avoid reading about and or working with strategies that are only good for the short term.

99% of so-called SEO’s today — teach things and write about things, in which they know nothing about and have no intentions of ever learning.

The majority of these SEO’s have one goal in mind — that goal is to do any and everything they possibly can to make a dollar online.

Nothing else matters to them.

Yet they remain to call their selves “SEO experts”. While at the same time uneducated entrepreneurs share their content all over social media and cause this misinformation to go (Viral) wide spread.

So, while you’re avoid reading about and or working with strategies that are only good for the short term, your main focus, while on your career journey — should always be to distrust other marketers and SEO’s — until you can find a damn good reason in which you should learn from, trust or follow them. Don’t just trust anyone. I’ve always taught others to pick 3-4 SEO blogs or SEO’s are follow them and them only.

In this marketing field — the majority or marketers and SEO’s are nothing more than the blind leading the blind. Learning from your own trial and error is by far the best practice.

There’s no better teacher than yourself.

Link Tiers//Indirect Linking//Tiered Link Building

Unlike the majority of my other tutorials, this one is going to be a little different — this one isn’t going to be step by step.

Some of the things you’ll learn from following this simple backlink tutorial are as follows:

  • a.) You’ll learn how to rank websites that will stand the test of time
  • b.) Your rankings will be very thorough and solid
  • c.) You’ll learn how to rank websites that do not get hit by a Google Penguin filter (Penguin Safe Strategies)
  • d.) You’ll learn how to build links correctly by a professional with years of hands on experience
  • e.) You’ll learn to use the same secret link building strategies as I use
  • f.) You’ll learn to perform very advanced link building strategies (beginner friendly)

To better understand and leverage this link building tutorial, I want for you to understand the simple process first. The basic process of this strategy is “building backlinks to your backlinks”.

I would imaging this would sound difficult to the majority of you who aren’t yet familiarized with this process, but I assure you it’s easy to perform.

Just bare with me.

Building backlinks to your backlinks

For instance — let’s say that you take the time to build out 5-10 pretty awesome backlinks. These are and should be referred to as your “Tier 1 links”. *Tiered 1 links must be dofollow. Your tier1 links should be of great value, possess authority and be relevant to your main website. This is all of the characteristics you should look for in your tier 1 links. These variables are really important.


When I mention building backlinks to your backlinks, here’s what you must do to build backlinks to YOUR backlinks. For example, “YOUR backlinks” are your tier 1 links. So — the task were looking to complete here; is to build backlinks to our tier 1 links. (i.e. building backlinks to our backlinks)

I hope that my above analogy is efficient for your understanding. I’m not the worlds best at explaining things, especially with my ADHD and … So, just try to bare with me. :) What makes this a super cool linking strategy is the fact that you control the links.

WTF – How Do I Control The Links?

Brief Example:

I would go to this blog and I’d pick 5-10 (out of the top 128 web 2.0 list) of these web 2.0 properties and I’d go and create an account on each of the 5-10 platforms.

I would use the same email and password for each one — upon registration.

I’d save the registration links to the web 2.0 properties that I created an account on, and I’d save them as well as the email and passwords I used — into a .txt file.

Let’s assume that I used an automated link building tool – to attempt to create the highest quality backlinks as I possibly can — these backlinks will be built to my tier 1 links only. (I don’t use automated link building tools – this is just an example)

How Does Being In Control of These Links Benefit Me?

The only links that ever point to your main business website are those awesome, dofollow, high quality and authoritative tiered 1 links. The ones that you manually built.


Being that your tier 1 links possess the dofollow link attribute, and backlinks that are built to these dofollow, tier 1 links — pass link juice onto your main website.

Does this make since to you?

This strategy sends out signals that others are naturally linking to your social accounts, web 2.0 properties, etc. If for any reason you’d like to remove, delete or change the tier one links or delete all of your backlinks at the same time — all you’d ever have to do is use the .txt file you created, in which possess the passwords, emails, etc. At anytime you delete your tier 1 properties, it will automatically delete your tier 2, as well. Make since? :)

This is also known as indirect linking

Indirect linking is the most powerful, most explosive, beneficial link building factor that works and works very well, going into 2014. I wouldn’t suggest you follow my older tiered link building tutorial — but I would recommend that you start working with an indirect linking strategy, one that’s unique for you. Take some time to put some thought into this article and setup a unique, indirect linking process customized to suite your goals.

Now Over to You

Indirect link building still works and works well. Depending upon how long it’ll continue to work, will solely determine upon how many Blackhat spammers saturate the strategy by re-sharing it with any and all scammers and spammers on Blackhat World and the likes of…

But I digress.

Touch base with me in the comment form at the bottom of this article and let me know if you have any questions about this article or anything that I’ve mentioned in it.

Link wisely.

Continue to keep YOUR unique strategies to yourself, in order to limit the footprints.

When there’s no footring for Google to follow, then there’s nothing left for Google to hit.

Some of you will succeed.

Those of you that fail at SEO are those of you who do the same thing(s) as everyone else.

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      No. The difference is that we no longer use spam. It doesn’t matter how many tiers you use, as long as they’re all created with high quality links. You should also consider creating tiers to your already established backlinks. Please reread the article…

      Greg Smith

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