My Review of Rank Cracker by Matthew Woodward

matthew-woodward and rankcrackerI received an email today and the email was from an affiliate marketer. Some of you might recognize this affiliate marketer, his name is Matthew Woodward.

Matthew has taken things to the next level by releasing what seems to be a secret project he’s been working on called Rank Cracker.

Rank Cracker is a backlink spying tool. I downloaded RankCracker. (download at your own risk)

I want to warn you though — before you download it for yourself — Matthew woodward is giving this backlink spying tool away for free, in hopes to sale rehashed tutorials at the low price of $499 $97.

Image credit: Matthew Woodward

Speaking of images. Is Matthew getting drunk in his main profile image?

After I downloaded RankCracker, I watched the tutorials that show how the software should be used. After getting a feel for things — I gave Rank Cracker a walk around the park. This is where it gets fun. :)

Before I dive into my experience with the software, I’d like to offer you the chance to take a quick peak at the RankCracker tutorial for yourself.

Rank Cracker Video Tutorial

I have to admit, that Matthew Woodward bloke is pretty damn good at creating videos, wouldn’t you agree with me? The thing is, RankCracker isn’t about videos. So — let’s not be distracted by the glitter and glimmer here. RankCracker is nothing more than a shiney new toy, that in reality no one needs. On the other hand, I’m sure there will be those who want it. It’s pretty and it speaks loudly.

After diving into RankCracker — here’s what I’ve personally found:

RankCracker is similar to an animal — RankCracker doesn’t work unless you feed it. I’m not referring to it eating your money either, I’m referring to it requiring links. Let me explain.

To make RankCracker work, you’re going to need to either a.) use free tools and manually extract your competitors backlinks one by one, which will take you hours to do, no matter how you try doing it OR b.) to use RankCracker you’re going to have to purchase very expensive link tools to go along with it. Plain and simple.

Here are some of the tools you can use. Let’s start with the free ones and look at each of them.

The way the FREE tools listed above are designed to work is like this — you simply enter in your competitors URL and hit enter.

The software will take a few minutes and then it will have compiled a huge list of the backlinks in which your competitors have pointing to their website. The list will also show you other data, things such as anchors, etc.

These tools can be beneficial — on top of that they’re free, they don’t cost a dime.

Once you run one of the above tools and try getting a list of your competitors links — it’s easy to pick them out one by one, if you’re trying to get the best links and build a few manually.


It’s impossible to export the whole list of links, because these tools don’t allow you to do so.

Matthew Woodward decides to use his affiliate links and link you to the following tools. Being that these following tools are absolutely required to use RankCracker — it makes using RankCracker that much more expensive and timely to use. Was this his ploy from the beginning? I’ll let you decide that for yourself – as we move forward in our research.

  • Ahrefs – The best backlink checker period. Offers limited free results.
  • SEO Spyglass – Desktop software, the free version limits you to 1,000 results.
  • Majestic SEO – Ahrefs main rival, much smaller database of links though.
  • Open Site Explorer – Moz’s backlink checker gives you limited amounts of free results.
  • Traffic Travis – Desktop software with backlink checking built in. Free trial available.

Let’s Move On To The Meat and Taters

As I moved on, trying to get a jist of how the RankCracker really worked — I couldn’t help to notice the excitement whaling up inside of me. I own GSA Search Engine Ranker and was so ready to see if this new tool would work for me.

So, after taking what seemed like a couple of hours — I compiled the links up. I went to and found some of my competitors, I copied and pasted their url to a .txt file.

It took that couple of hours I had been working thus far to obtain the competitors links of just 2 of my competitors. :( So much work was involved, I was just tired at this point.

After having the links that RankCracked demanded, I loaded them into RankCracker and I hit start and I waited.

After waiting 10 more minutes — the results was in.

SenukeXCR = 2 (I don’t advocate nor do I own SenukeXCR)

Magic Submitter = 1 (I don’t own MS)

Other = 128 (works for manual outreach)

To make a rather long-story-short — RankCracker doesn’t work as the man behind the mask (Matthew Woodward) would like it to work. The plot just thickens. The goal here is to add your competitors backlinks into RankCracker and it will compile a list of links per software that can post to those links.

I use GSA Search Engine Ranker (another huge investment). Truth is — I own it, but don’t use it very often at all. I was testing RankCracker to see if I could get more benefit out of GSA, but after what I’ve learned from many (wasted) hours of testing RankCracker, it’s obvious to me that the software developer missed his goal 17ft to the left side of the field goal.

RankCracker might work for those of you who’re interested in doing a little emailing through manual email outreach, though other than that — there’s not much more this software can do at this time. Sad but true…

The affiliate links are linked to some fairly decent SEO and link building tools. You might want to check those out. I’ve ran countless test on each of them and they work well. Give them a try for yourself and see what you can achieve.

In Conclusion to My Hypothesis

RankCracker is nothing more than another Blackhat Affiliate Marketing scheme for Blackhatters like Matthew Woodward to scheme more and more beginners out of their hard earned money. RankCracker might be free — but when you start using it, it becomes nothing more than a highly expensive bait and switch ploy, to increase Matthews affiliate income earnings..

I’m not disrespecting RankCracker or Matthew Woodward any what so ever by posting this honest review of RankCracker. I feel he needs to be educated on what he is doing and maybe start trying to be more of a legitimate marketer (Whitehat?)

All of my reviews are no-bullshit reviews, where I vent my own personal opinion, in which I have right to do so. Honesty is what I aim to achieve – from each review I perform.

I thought Matthew Woodward was starting to do things the right way, until this RankCracker non-sense came along.

All I can say is, you’ve been warned!!

Matthew Woodward is a dangerous Blackhat SEO Marketer — with more than a few tricks up his sleeve. :(

Please comment below if you’ve gotten different results than I have. I would like to see a video of you achieving those results. I’m sure that Rank Cracker has potential. I hope to see it working someday. For now this is my review of Rank Cracker by Matthew Woodward.

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  1. says

    Greg, this is some controversy post, and i must say the truth. your review might generate some issues online, and just like i said when replying your comment, if you promote this post, it would certainly get some comments both good and bad.

    • says


      My goal for this post, was to “provide an honest review”. Have you put in any time and actually sit down to try and use rank cracker yet? Did you see how expensive it would cost if you bought all of Matthews affiliate crap, in which is necessary, just to use rank cracker? I would like to have you answer this question honestly.

      You mentioned that “this article” *might generate some issues online*

      I’m not affraid of generating “issues” online. As a marketer, this is my profession. Someone has to maintain honesty around the Blackhat community, right?

      Thanks Isaiah,
      Greg Smith

  2. says

    The truth is the affiliate sellers such as mathew woodward ect only make money by selling affiliate products, gsa, senuke ect ect, the fact these tools are next to useless with google in 2013 mean nothing to them – in effect they are modern day carpet baggers, touting one affiliate product after another to gullible marketers.

    • says


      I agree with you. That was the point I attempt to make with this post. If you could please help me to spread the word about this, it would be much appreciated.

      Greg Smith

  3. Akbar Sheikh says

    I have been following Matthew and Gregory on their respective blogs since long. Matthew Woodward I must say has been helpful to many people including me. What Gregory has mentioned about Rank Cracker is absolutely true that you need an external backlink checker service to utilize it’s potential but this is explained in the intro video of the tool. So i don’t understand what’s the fuss is all about. As far as his tutorials are concerned honestly I have not bought them so can’t comment if they are rehashed. Honestly, I ASSUME they are not, looking at what Matt does on his blog. Specially someone who has grown his blog at unprecedented speed in just 1 year. For, him results speak for themselves! People are mature enough to understand the requirement of a product for their benefit.

  4. says

    Hi Gregory,

    Found your site through the pdf file you posted on traffic planet. It is a very good share and a well written document. Thanks for sharing that.

    Anyways, I dropped into your blog to read some more and found this review. I also downloaded and tried out this rankcracker, but was not impressed either. As soon as a tool needs more tools just so it could be used is just plain annoying to say the least. Which makes it useless to me. How it should have been done as a suggestion is to make it a monthly fee tool but then include everything else that was needed. Yes that would have been a very large investment to build the tool like that, but then there is value in it at least, but much more risk. Right now to me it has no value.

    Off to browse around some more.
    Merry Christmas

    • says


      Matthews tool is nothing more than a means to drive affiliate income from the other (REQUIRED) tools RankCracker needs to work. I gave it a try, using the other tools and it produces absolutely NO results. I’d be ashamed to have my name on something like that. Instead of providing value to the community, his intentions are to “profit from the community”. There’s a difference..


  5. says

    Wow! Thanks for this review! I’ve enjoyed watching Woodard’s video tutorials, which I think are valid, but will spend nor more time on his website. You saved me some valuable time and money. Keep up the good work! (and, I agree about his photo. What’s up with that?)

    • says


      His phote? He’s a child, he is still in the mind set of “being cool”. He doesn’t think about his image as a professional obviously. His #1 concern is making money from his readers and doing whatever it takes to do so, even if it takes selling something that doesn’t work. I’m sorry about his actions.

      Greg Smith

      • Raymond says

        Hi Gregory, I wanted to comment and just say that I find that Matt’s site is more beneficial to me than all thoseother wanna be “SEO” sites. I work in SEO and can tell you that if you want to rank in google, you need to spend money. As far as the complaints about paying for tools, I only have one thing to say. Free stuff never works out. I dont mind buying stuff through someone’s affiliate link if they add value to my knowledge. Whatever your issue with Matt (from the “teenage” photo), I think you should really do a check before you go out and lash out on the guy. Honestly, I can see some issues on your site, but I wouldnt come out and say oh this and that about Greg.

        Just saying, there are always two sides to a story. I for one, have seen many so called IM gururs who give you bogus value for nothing. Free tools dont cut the job, you need to spend money to make money. And if you have a problem with that, then you might as well take a vow of poverty cause the internet is not some charity organization. Even Google has to make money to make search “free”.

        • says


          I agree with you. but the point here is that matthew is an affiliate spammer. If you review every piece of content on his blog, I would bet you that you can’t find one article that is offering to help others, without also finding an affiliate (spam) link in the article as well. I’m just tired of seeing it.

          As far as rank cracker goes (which is what this article is about), I gave that software my best review possible. Truth is that rank cracker sucks! In any review that I take part in, I provide an HONEST to GOODNESS review. I am not going to sit here and provide matthew with a good review, when in reality rank cracker is garbage.

          Have you tried using rank cracker @raymond? I wouldn’t advise it, but.. it’s not what he advertised and it didn’t even work when I tried it. Once again, which is what this article is about. This article is a review of matthew woodwards software, rank cracker..


  6. says

    As someone who is a novice to SEO and learning everything from scratch, it is difficult to know who to turn to for advice and guidance. I am bootstrapping so free tools immediately get my attention. You would think with all the awards and accreditations on his site he would be giving safe and sound advice. Is he really black hat? It creates enough doubt for me though so I will steer clear.

  7. says

    Hi Gregory,

    Thanks for sharing your write up, I tested it not one but a few times. Why?

    First time – I was lazy and hoping for a ready out of the box. I was wrong and kept it in somewhere ‘dark’.

    Second try – Better, spend half a day working it out (a couple of hours to be honest).

    In the end, I would say it comes in handy but only for those who REALLY spend time with it. I mean, I just like any other average Joe hoping for a quick solution. But yup, it is decent and I’ll rate it around 6.5/10. The downside? Manually feeding it as you said.

    *p/s This post makes me wanna try it again later. So let’s see how it works then!

    Thanks for writing mate.

  8. says

    Hi Greg,

    I’m pleased I’m not the only one who can see through all the smoke and mirrors, since I find it unbelievable that his blog claims to be an SEO and affiliate marketing blog, but he doesn’t use the tactics he is teaching on his own site.

    The tiered linking tutorials and all the other software tutorials (in my experience) and shown from his own blog, that are not worth bothering with. They are hard to use and complicated, but he recommends them so he can get affiliate commissions, but he doesn’t build tiered links to his blog since he is following Google Webmaster Tools.

    He is actually building links through forum marketing and social media, which are better ways of link building and work. They are also much more fun rather than banging our head against a brick wall figuring out buggy software.

    Just my 2 cents worth.



  9. Angela says

    Anyone and that means anyone who trys to get links by definition is NOT white hat.

    What WoodWard has done is create a blog where here says there is no SEO work whatsoever – it’s just purely on the content. So in his defence he has added a lot of good quality content that at the time was (probably correct).

    He also reviews software for money (like other people do) but gives the customer no guarantee they will like the outcome – he has had a few fairly noisy rows with companies re this – which in return generates more traffic (hey we know some people think to be heard you have to be controversial)

  10. says

    Thanks for the honest review.

    I did download RankCracker and noticed that it relies heavily on other back linking tools in order to get the full functionality out of it. That’s when I realised that it was a pretty much a money making “free” tool to generate yet more income, but I guess that’s always the motive behind an affiliate marketer, to make the offer sound as appealing as possible.

    I’ll credit him for the ability to put a slightly different spin on the usual affiliate marketing techniques, but I do feel a bit sorry for the newcomers who are lining his pockets. At the same time I guess people are desperate and would pay for someone to walk them through how to gain a competitive advantage.

    • says


      Thanks a lot for stopping by to comment.

      I actually stopped by Matthew Woodwards blog yesterday. Guess what I found?

      His most recent blog post “a list of FREE tools”. The list of tools he provided was FREE TRIALS per his affiliate accounts with paid softwares.

      I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

      If you really need a list of FREE TOOLS — Check out the list I’ve put together. NO AFFILIATE LINKS HERE!!


  11. laurentiu says

    Thanks a lot for your review.I’m from Roumania and i started to learn SEO a couple of months ago.I’ve been since then in a constant battle to understand what is right and what is not.I’ve followed a couple of Matt’s advices(the latest one that i followed was with Tweet Atacks PRO) and i can say it went well.
    I was really drawn into buying his complete exclusive tutorials untill i found this article.Why do you say those articles are rehashed.Can you give me a couple more reasons why i shouldn’t go the distance with those tutorials?The cost is 95 dollars for those tutorials(i make 250 dollars a month),so your advices would mean a lot to me.

    Again thanks a lot for your review.It kept me from doing a stupid choice!

    • says


      LOL You can Easily find the same tutorials online. USE GOOGLE and SEARCH.. Does Matt even still blog? I believe he got tired of blogging and quit..

      Greg Smith

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