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I’d like to open a discussion that many marketers have been hiding deep inside of themselves for a long time. It seems like everyday marketers are highly critiqued and looked upon very closely. Just the other day I was having a chat with a relatively well known SEO (I won’t mention his name) and that SEO was telling me that i’t’d be in my best interest to completely remove a particular service from one of my business website’s. That service was “link building”.

It’s no secret that lots of SEO’s and marketers alike have recently had controversial conversations about Link Building — as a whole. Is link building a non-legitimate practice now though? In my opinion, no it isn’t — then again, that would solely determine who is doing the link building and how the link building is being done.

What I’m getting at here is — some practices are looked down upon, whether you agree with the opinion of others, about that practice that’s being looked down upon. The question I’d like to answer in this article is — how do you, as an affiliate marketer — market to both sides.

As a marketer our job is to market, whether we agree with the opinions of every critique on the planet about each thing we market or not. Let’s look at this from a more understanding perspective.

If your a marketer and prefer to maintain as much professionalism as possible for the sake of your business — how do you market certain products? For instance, you’d like to think that you’re a Whitehat SEO. How would you market “automated link building tools“?

Because you’re working hard to be the best at what you do, does marketing a product a little outside of what you believe in, make you a bad person or a less educated marketer? I would like to answer this question for you, but in doing so, I’d be doing nothing more than speculating an opinion.

I would like to leave this article OPEN. What I mean by “leaving this article open”, is I am going to leave it open for public debate and discussion. As a marketing community, together we can form an opinion. An opinion from an wide array of relevance, should help to build a more respected voice toward this hard to answer question.

I look forward to some of your answers and look forward to discussing this with you — in the COMMENTS SECTION below.

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