Our Introduction to the Best Of Google+

best posts found on google+We’ve decided to make things a little more interesting for the Search Optimization and Google+ community. Search Simplicity has decided to start a blog series. Blog series can be a lot of fun and can be really beneficial to the community. Too often, I hear website owners complain about how difficult Organic link building can be. Earning links can be extremely difficult for new website’s, because no one knows that website exists.

The “Best of Google+” is going to try to change that. Search Simplicity would like to try and put forth the effort in taking Organic link building to a whole new level.

Best of Google+

Here’s how the “Best of Google+” blog series is going to work. Each and every month, Gregory Smith, founder of Search Simplicity will scavenge Google+ — in and out, in search of the best shares on Google+.

Each month we will compile a nice size list of what Gregory understands to be the “Best of Google+”. Were aiming to start out finding fifty awesome shares. Each month we will create an article titled the “Best of Google+” and will strategically number them from best to least best — #1 to #50. Starting out, we can’t promise a total of fifty great pieces of content. If we don’t find a piece of content to be great, not only will it not be shared here, chances are we won’t even read more the the first paragraph.

This will help those of you to better understand what your target audience is looking for and what it takes to get others to share your content. We hope for this blogging series to be not only educational for marketers, but we would like to have some fun with this.

In order to get your content in front of us, you’ll want to add us on Google+. We manage a very awesome Google+ community named “Inspirational Marketing Quotes“. Please also join this community and when you have your best article ready for review, feel free to post it there. This will ensure that your content gets in front of the right eyes. Click here to join the community.

We will find your content whether or not you’re in the community. We have an eye for awesomeness.

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If you’ve created something for the purpose of getting it listed in our Best of Google+ category, feel free to email us and send your content to us. The email is: thelocalseocompany@gmail.com


We will never accept cash or etc. in exchange for your site to be listed here. This is a blog series and is meant to give webmasters a little fun, throughout their working day. We look forward to reading your content. Were huge fans of Google+ and hope that all of you will help us to spread the word about what were doing here by simply sharing this blog post, to inform others about how they can join in on the fun.

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