How to Find [Free] Stock Images to Use Online!

I often publish tutorials here on Search Simplicity — for you to use and help take your website to the next level. Today I’m going to teach you how to do something a little differently from what I’m used to publishing. Where all guilty of using images within our blog posts — that we don’t […]

How does Google separate popularity from authority?

A closed mouth never gets fed, as like someone who never goes above and beyond to achieve their goals — never reaches them. +AJ Kohn — founder of directed a question toward Google’s head of web spam (Matt Cutts) and in a recent Google Webmaster’s video – Matt provided an answer to his question.

What Should I Do After I Buy an Expired Domain

Ever Since I published the tutorial “how to buy expired domain names with page rank” — I’ve received a load of user engagement. I’m surprised at just how many people are interested in greyhat and blackhat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Let me get one thing straight before we get started — I am not […]

The Search Simplicity SEO Client Questionnaire

Are you an Internet Marketer or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) evangelist? If you are, then chances are high that you’ve worked with SEO clients in the past. When a potential SEO client contacts you, your job is to determine weather or not if you’d like to accept this potential customer as a new client or […]

The Search Simplicity On-Site SEO Checklist

Tired of wanting to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and every time you go to read an article, it’s like trying to read the instructions to putting together a model car? Search Simplicity is dedicated in keeping SEO simple, for those who want to learn it. We are focused around simplifying search metrics.

What Happened to

What Happened to Many bloggers have used the Technorati (blog) search engine for nearly a decade. Technorati had an audience of over 138 million US unique visitors per month. My question is, what happened to Technorati and why did the founders of such a great search engine, neglect their brand so much as to completely change everything, even […]