Best of Google Plus // #5

Welcome to Search Simplicity, today is Friday and today (like every Friday) we present to you the Best of Google Plus blog series #5! Today’s series is power packed with the 25 best posts that was shared to Google+ throughout – Live Google+ Comments

Association Links: Useful, but not Cut & Dry

Several years ago my brother Zach and I did SEO work for several local dentists. We built links, helped them with audits and tightened up their on-page SEO. I want to tell you a story about how a few association links took someone with a really niche search term to the first page of Google’s SERPs—but I also […]

How To Get a Quick Win For Any Local Business

How To Get a Quick Win For a Local Business, I love marketing so much that at times I seem to forget that I own a Local Business Marketing Company. Marketing — in a whole — is my passion and is what I teach, blog about, do and love. Since I am the proud owner […]

The Small Niche Guide To Foreign Language SEO

It’s fair for me to say that Search Engine Optimization is a fairly competitive market and strategy, as a whole. To get the most out of your hard work, as a marketer, you’ve really got to start thinking outside the box. Thinking outside the box, doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel. – Live […]

How To Become a Niche Boss Overnight

I’m so sick of seeing bloggers talk about Content Marketing. What is Content Marketing? Truth is, there’s no such thing as content marketing. Content markets itself — all you can do, as an author, is tell people about what you’ve created and link to it – there’s no way to actually “Market Content”, the term […]

How To Use The Rel=Canonical Tag Like a Boss!

It’s been four (5) years since Scroogle Google and Yahoo began providing support for Rel=Canonical and I’m still yet receiving questions via email, etc asking how the Rel=Canonical should be used and how to gain SEO benefits from implementing it. – Live Google+ Comments

How To Get Fast SEO Results in 2014 and Beyond

I know you’re feeling like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming really difficult, at times it’s easy to become completely overwhelmed by the huge number of areas you’re meant to keep up with and to follow all the new strategies, while at the same time keeping up with content creation and social media marketing, etc. […]