Local B2B Search Engine Optimization Using YouTube

If you are looking to get exposure for B2B (business to business) phrases in the search engines, then you may find that using YouTube is a great way to get started. This is especially true if your current SEO efforts are either just getting started or your website is in the early stages of recovering […]

The Best of Google Plus #7

YOUR WEEKLY - GOOGLE+ BUZZ! Every week, here on the Search Simplicity blog, we publish a blog series, titled “The Best of Google Plus“. The Best of Google Plus consist of the best content that was shared to Google+ during that work week. We realize that not everyone is fortunate enough, to sit in front of their […]

How to Charge Your SEO Clients // An SEO POV

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has definitely changed, from what it used to be. If you’ve been in the search industry, for any amount of time, then you’re aware of the difficulty level, when compared to, let’s say from the year 2000 till now, 2014. So much has changed. SEO is a completely different ball game, from […]

Google Plus Post Data Per Downloadable Files

Have you ever compiled a list or created something, that you’d like to offer as a free download, on your blog? I have. More than once. After failing at capturing a large enough audience, more times than I care to admit, I’ve decided to do some testing. I wanted to share my findings with you today, […]

Best of Google Plus #6

This blog series has been on hold, for a couple of months. I apologize about not being able to get to it, but I would like to start back, publishing a top 10 list, of the absolute best content that has been shared to Google+, over the period of one week. Each week, I intend […]

Online Marketing For Local Events

  I don’t normally accept content contributions from my audience. Especially since “My Blog Guest” became penalized by Google for their guest posting (bad linking) practices. Here at Search Simplicity we prefer giving our contributors a monthly column, where they can produce 2 articles per month. This article is a contribution