Link Tiers//Indirect Linking//Tiered Link Building Tutorial

Several months ago I wrote an article that has since become very popular and has gained viral syndication across the web.  Since then — the tiered link building process has lost a bit of its strength and has taken a huge overall loss in the ranking benefits this pretty awesome link building strategy once maintained. – […]

Holiday Special on All Services

Search Simplicity has decided to highlight some of our quality enhanced marketing services by offering all of our website visitors a massive discount on all of our services from today going forward up until New Years! The power packed Search Optimization discounted explosion will expire on January 2nd, 2014. Continue reading to learn a little […]

Our Introduction to the Best Of Google+

We’ve decided to make things a little more interesting for the Search Optimization and Google+ community. Search Simplicity has decided to start a blog series. Blog series can be a lot of fun and can be really beneficial to the community. Too often, I hear website owners complain about how difficult Organic link building can […]

(Open Debate) Marketing To a Marketing Community

I’d like to open a discussion that many marketers have been hiding deep inside of themselves for a long time. It seems like everyday marketers are highly critiqued and looked upon very closely. Just the other day I was having a chat with a relatively well known SEO (I won’t mention his name) and that […]

A Look Into The Future – A Public Invitation

Entrepreneurs are unique people. An entrepreneur is someone who is creative and is always interested in new, creative ways to survive. Not only am I a really passionate Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing professional — I’m an entrepreneur. I’m always looking for new ways to make a profit, I’m always hard at it — […]

Another Beginners Guide To The Process of Local SEO

Local SEO is the process of increasing a website’s position, for local search intent — within a given Search Engine. When the majority of non professional internet users think of or consider marketing their business online, the majority of them (you) have no earthly idea how to go about doing so and for the most […]

November 27th SERP Change

As I’m currently the only Author here on Search Simplicity, I’ve been staying rather busy, keeping the blog hot with fresh, new publications. It’s late in the evening, the night before Thanksgiving and something has driven me to write, yet again another blog post, to update the readers of Search Simplicity — in an all […]

My Review of the WebMeUp Backlink Tool

As a Forensic Search Engine Optimization professional, any sort of software that I can use to essentially make my job easier, is a much respected piece of software. Speaking of software, I am not referring to automated spam tools, I’m referring to backlink research tools/software. Tools that can be used to research deeply into a […]

Add-On Features for Our SEO Services

Addons are additional features that can be purchased and added onto your SEO campaign (for those of you who have purchased an ongoing SEO plan). SEO is a constantly evolving (masterpiece) work of art within any successful digital marketing campaign. Going into 2014, we all know how much Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has evolved over […]

Buying Expired Domains – Bad Link Building Idea

Just-in-case you haven’t gotten the memo by now, link building is some-what (partially) dead. What I mean here by using the term “partially dead” is that the overall strategy that increases the Organic search ranking for a website or blog in today’s search algorithm, no longer justifies success through “links”. In-fact, the term link building […]