SEO Changes – A Constantly Evolving Art

Funny, but everywhere I turn I see bloggers ranting and raving about how much SEO has changed over the years and how much more it’s going to change as we move toward 2014. Search Engine Optimization is a consistently evolving marketing art. Sure SEO will be making earth shattering changes, going into 2014, if SEO […]

My Random Rant

If I said that I didn’t enjoy blogging, I’d be lying. Blogging has slowly become a part of my life, over the last past decade and for the most part, blogging has changed my life for the better. Blogging is similar to keeping a journal of what’s going on within my life and in my […]

Matt Cutts Video: Should I Use The Disavow Tool?

In so many different cases, I’ve received emails from numerous (potential) clients about their website’s backlink profile. Truth is, people are worried sick about getting a Google Penguin penalty and are now taking extra actions to clean up the spam that they’re locating within their link profile. – Live Google+ Comments

How To Build Links Through Content Reformation

Content reformatting is a very solid, rarely used, secret link building trick that I’ve been using to gain “hard-to-obtain” (almost impossible) links for my high-end clients. for a long time now. While sitting here thinking to myself what I had to give you in today’s publication, it came to me. The thing is, once something […]

The Past and Present and Future of Search

I just love publishing content to the “Search Jazz” category! Being that only the absolute best content is published in Search Jazz, it’s exciting to publish here, because I look so forward to providing this content, to my readers and attempting to be the first “search marketer” to do just that. – Live Google+ Comments

Does Each Blog Post Need a Unique Meta Description

Another question that needed some up to dat clarification and got just that today, by +Matt Cutts. Search Jazz tries to publish only the most up to date, most interesting material within the search and social marketing industry. If you know of a piece of content (audio, video, podcasts, etc..) that deserves to make it […]

What Is The Best WordPress Theme

What is the best WordPress theme? I can’t think of a more broad, yet silly question to ask someone. I received an email yesterday, from a lad asking me if Thesis is still the best WordPress theme. Not sure where the question came from, being that I personally don’t even use Thesis nor do I […]

Understanding Search Engine Algorithms

I would like to thank +Melissa Fach and +Ryan Jones for the below content. Ryan Jones created it and Melissa Fach published it on Authority Labs. These slide presentations are brilliant. Brilliant enough to have made “Search Jazz”! Please review them very carefully and pay close attention to everything going on within the content. – […]

How To Use Hashtags to Help Your Local Business

Hashtags are fairly new, but as far as the blog-o-sphere goes, hashtags are already being played to death. Not too new anymore. What is new though, is that you can use #Hashtags to benefit your small, local business online. If you’re going to use them, at least aim to benefit from it, right? – Live […]