Moving Forward in an Ever Changing Algorithm

Hell, were all in search of something. Seems for the biggest part, the majority of us are just moving forward in an ever changing algorithm, head down mind at work — onward we go. That’s just about all it takes to make it in today’s ever changing world of search. That is, assuming you’re in […]

Social and SEO Will Be The Same Come 2014

Social Media Marketing and or Social Media Optimization (etc) will no longer be implemented as two “different” marketing endeavors/campaigns, next to Search Engine Optimization. Search and Social will now be implemented together, as “one single marketing service and or marketing process”. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to take you for a fool. For […]

Deconstructing Search Algorithms

If you’re one of those who’ve been focusing any of your attention on what all the Social SEO’s are rambling about, day in and day out via Google+ then I’d assume your pretty fucked up right about now. Keeping up with what SEO’s are discussing on Google+ isn’t doing anything more for you than, helping […]

Best Google Penguin Recovery Service

Google Penguin isn’t a Penalty, Google Penguin is a algorithmic filter. Google has a strict guideline and day by day, it’s becoming more stringent. Google Penguin isn’t the only problem webmasters and business owners are facing, when it comes to being penalized (filtered out of the top Organic results) by Google. There are tons of penalties […]

The Ultimate Traffic Generation Tutorial of 2014

Tutorial Marketing: One of the biggest, most popular questions among website owners, bloggers and webmasters alike is “how to drive traffic to my website“. It’s the age old question, one that’s been asked, as far back as I can remember. Probably because without website traffic, a website is pretty much useless. – Live Google+ Comments

Happy Halloween From Search Simplicity

All countries don’t celebrate Halloween, but our country does there for I have decided to dedicate a conversation to Halloween. Today is October, 31st 2013. Halloween is suppose to be today/tonight. I know in many states, Halloween is being rescheduled due to bad weather. Where I live,  in Morehead, Kentucky — Halloween is being rescheduled. […]

Types Of Links – Post-Penguin 2.1 Link Environment

“This article is a guest contribution and it provides great value and interest to our community. The author’s views are entirely his or her own and may or may not reflect the views of Search Simplicity — but does simplify Search” {Note — Thank you to Greg for the opportunity to contribute to his website.  He […]

Link Prospecting

Link prospecting. Link Removal. Penguin analysis, research, link disavowing and all that jazz. It’s what we do best, aside from everything else we do. Link building isn’t what it once was, its changed and its changed dramatically. Having a qualified, veteran link expert working for you, for the long term is absolutely detrimental to the […]

A Public Announcement

Hope everyone is ready for the winter. The cold weather has already started settling in, here where I live in Kentucky. At night I’m already having to turn the heat on. The reason for this blog post isn’t to teach you how to continue making thousands of dollars a day through means of organic search […]