My Guide To Outbound Link Building


Outbound link building — The absolute Best Way To Acquire Links in 2014 and beyond: You see a lot of different people — saying a lot of different things about link building. You’re luck if any of it even works and and are sick of seeing people still recommend link spam techniques. It’s not out of the […]

How To Become An Influencer on Google Plus

How To Become An Influencer on Google Plus

As a creative marketer and established author, it has always been my goal to become an influencer within my niche. It’s every authors dream. In the past I’ve written articles showing you how to find Google Plus Ripples and how to engage with industry influencers. Today I’d like to outline “how you can become an […]

Guest Blogging Is Dead Says Google

Guest Blogging is Dead

For a couple of years now, I’ve been speculating that Guest Blogging was a terrible idea and would soon be tackled by Google’s web spam team, eventually causing harm to guest bloggers who took part in the link building scheme. Does this mean that site’s like Moz will be penalized? There’s a lot of questions […]

#4 // Best of Google Plus

best of google plus #4

Welcome back! This is the 4th series in an (expected) unlimited blog series where we highlight the “Best of Google Plus“. The best of Google Plus highlights the best content that has been shared to Google Plus throughout the past week (we publish a weekly blog series). There’s so many awesome articles that are submitted […]

How To Optimize For Semantic Search


Semantic Search is relatively misunderstood. It would seem that after authoring “The Definition of Semantic Search” there wouldn’t be such great debate. This is how the web works though you see, no matter how many times the truth is written, there will still be people with questions.

Best of Google Plus // #3

The Best of Google Plus 3

Each week we compile our finds, from the wild of Google+. I’m a very active member of Google+ and Google+ is, besides my blog, my other online home. If I’m not here, then I’m there.

SEER and Moz CEO Swap Video Recap

CEO Swap Rank Fishken and Wil Reynolds

It was back in October of 2013 — two rather well known CEO’s traded places. Being a CEO is a large responsibility, a responsibility that many will never get the priviledge of experiencing. SEOMoz and SEER Interactive — Rand Fishken and Wil Reynolds traded places and both.

The Enhanced Guide To Marketing With a Sex Appeal

Make my marketing sexy

Marketing today — is much different than marketing has ever been before. Twenty+ years ago, there wasn’t any such thing as Digital, Online Marketing – yet some marketers were still able to manage making a viral impression across numerous countries — to and fro. Whether by horseback or by dogsled.