SEER and Moz CEO Swap Video Recap

It was back in October of 2013 — two rather well known CEO’s traded places. Being a CEO is a large responsibility, a responsibility that many will never get the priviledge of experiencing. SEOMoz and SEER Interactive — Rand Fishken and Wil Reynolds traded places and both.

These two very awesome marketers not only went as far as trading places as CEO, they got a little personal, they traded email in-boxes and homes. Still not sure if they traded wives, but… that’s a whole nuther discussion.

Rand and Wil were filmed over the period of the CEO Swap week in Philadelphia and in Seattle. I was lucky enough to have gotten a copy of the entire video recap, just for my readers, for Search Jazz.

- The CEO Swap -

After a long and hard easy week, the two CEO’s decided to author a blog post about what they’d do differently if they were in-fact CEO of one another’s company.

I figured I’d give you the links to those articles as well. Wil wrote about what he would do differently if he was CEO of Moz. Rand done the same! Wil went on to do a little more rambling about the whole situation, you can grab a copy of that here.

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