Association Links: Useful, but not Cut & Dry

Several years ago my brother Zach and I did SEO work for several local dentists. We built links, helped them with audits and tightened up their on-page SEO. I want to tell you a story about how a few association links took someone with a really niche search term to the first page of Google’s SERPs—but I also want to talk about how those association links might work today. (more…)

Building Links to Increase Findability

I was having a conversation with another Search Engine Optimizer the other day and he said something that I’ve thought about several times since then. I wasn’t talking with a newbie either, I was talking with a Search veteran — a guy who really knows his stuff. He said to me that most other veteran SEO’s nowadays dismiss other SEO’s who advocate link building. He advised me that I should stop providing link building services and writing so much about it, within my content. (more…)