The Bloggers Guide To Ranking Any Website in 2014 and Beyond

While the majority of SEO’s and Internet Marketers have been wasting your (and their) time pretending they can predict the future of Search Optimization and while the masses have been wildly conversing about how Google’s algorithm has been going through recent changes, I’m going to use this time to make up for some of that wasted time you’ve spent, reading the blogs of these so-called masterminds.

Please take heed to what I’m about to share with you, as it is the same exact methods I’m currently using to rank website’s locally and globally — in the shortest amount of time possible. Notice how I use the term “currently“?

Before we move forward, I would first like to warn you, some of the strategies I teach are Greyhat. When it comes to SEO, there will always be some sort of risk. It’s how you manage and take those risk, that make you a winner, separating you from the rest of the crowd. Then again — that’s a story for another post.

I’m sick of seeing all these Search predictions. Some of them are nice to read but come on guys — no one knows for sure what 2014 will bring. Not unless there’s a whole bunch of SEO’s out there who have ESP. From some of the blogs I read, who knows though.
In the Following Ranking Guide — Some of the Things You Will learn are:
  • How to rank any website quickly
  • How to blog like a professional
  • How to build backlinks and then supercharge them
  • How to market your content
  • How to leverage social media and forums for your benefit
  • The 6 SEO rules that will never change
  • and so, so much more…

Google Has Changed — In Case You Haven’t Noticed

Google has changed, but instead of us talking about Google changes — were going to talk about ours and what were going to do to change our marketing and SEO for the better. Were going to talk about what we can do — to better our business by benefiting from these rather awesome SERP changes.

In this article, you’re going to learn exactly what you can do to defeat Google — year after year. This article might have came a little late for you to implement it in-time to make some extra spending money for Christmas, but it’s just in time to make 2014 your best year ever!

Getting site’s to the top of the first page of Google for our desired search terms has recently become more difficult than ever — says the rapidly growing masses of SEO’s. How difficult has ranking website’s actually become though?

Things have changed a little within Google’s search algorithm and today it takes a different approach to rank website’s than what it did yesteryear. What good does it do to wine and cry about how Google has changed? As an SEO it’s my job to deconstruct algorithmic changes — not bitch about them merely existing.

How To Rank Your Website Going Into 2014

For quite a few years now, I’ve been ranking website’s in more than 40 different niches. I’ll admit, my job as an SEO has been far from a perfect journey. I’ve experienced just about all Google has to throw at an SEO, including months in the Sandbox (old-school), Google penalties, Google filters, Google Penguin, etc. I’ve made my way to the top of my career as an SEO through trial and error.

After seeing many different website’s dominate Google’s SERP for nearly any search term over the past 12 months, I’m confident in providing you with the best damned SEO ranking guide on the web to date. By following the rigid guideline below, you will be able to rank any website you’d like, in the shortest amount of time possible.

The Guide to SERP Domination

The majority of site’s I’ve recently ranked were on fairly new (0-6 months old) domains. The domains varied from brandable domains to partially exact match domains. I’ve found that having a fresh domain with a clean link profile works a lot better than using an aged domain or expired domain.

I’m sure aged domains would work just as well, but in this guide I’m going to use new domains and I recommend that you do the same.

I have used this same ranking approach with aged domains, expired domains, domains that have had a small amount of link spam built to them in the past, etc — what I found was that Google gives more trust to a domain with no past, than what it does to a domain with a questionable past.

If you want to use your current site for this ranking process, feel free to do so, but if the site has had any sort of Blackhat link building done to it, it will not work as well as what it would if the link profile was clean or of some sort of value.

If you’re thinking about starting a new site — I highly recommend that you put some dedicated thought into building a nice brand for yourself. If your intentions are to just rank a site and make a quick profit, then a partial exact match domain is the only way to go.

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Follow Me Down The Yellow Brick Road

Once you have everything ready to move forward — the beginning process to ranking any website is first making damn sure the site is ready for what’s to come. Remember, we aren’t ranking ourselves, were ranking our site, so the site must be prepared and ready for battle.

SEO should be viewed as a game of war. The game is a very competitive game and while the rules may change at any given time, there will always be some rules that never change. The rules that never change, are the rules we want to emphasize the majority of our strength against and build upon.

Let’s take a look at some of the non-changing rules, when it comes to Search Optimization, shall we? Below are the rules that do not change. These are the rules we will build our battle (SEO strategies) tank upon.

A.) Content that takes time and effort to create. Content that oozes and slowly leaks with awesomeness – over a long period of time.

B.) Crawlability that is sleek in it’s design. Without maintaining a perfect crawl structure and site architecture the site is rendered sick (in a bad way).

C.) Providing value to your readers, so that they can gain much benefit from what you might provide them.

D.) Appearance means everything and will always be a vital aspect of your online success. Keep your appearance up on the web, as you would in real life. Your web design is your online clothing. Look professional and stay clean.

E.) Quality backlinks will always be the driving factor for any successful SEO campaign – no matter what year it is.

F.) Building relationships, networking and remaining friendly at all times while implementing Social Media as your marketing medium.

how to rank using seo

Those are the 6 rules that will never change. Not yesterday — not today and not tomorrow. As long as you build your battleship on top of these 6 rules, your competitors will not be able to out-rank you, all they’ll be able to do is play the game with you, along side of you. No matter how often the rules of the game change (by Google) you can rest assured that these rules will never change.

They will always be the same and they’ll always be the strongest driving force in your SEO plan.

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Knowing that these 6 rules will never change is like knowing the winning score of a Basketball game, where you’re betting all your money. There’s no way you can lose, because you know the end of the game — score!

Getting Started

Before moving into the meat and taters of the 2014ish Ranking Guide — the first thing I recommend that you do is create and submit a Press Release. You are going to do this — as part of launching your site and letting media outlets and journalist know that there is a hot, new, fired up business with a voice to be reckoned with, coming online.

The Press Release is always the best place to start anytime you launch a new website. For this process you can find some fairly decent (and cheap, for the purpose of this ranking guide) Press Release service providers on Fiverr. There are some high quality service providers there who are subscribed to paid accounts on the most popular Press Release platforms, those such as PRWeb, etc.

Follow this Press Release tutorial that shows you exactly how to market your Press Release after you have created it.

Rule #1

Content is king. I know you’re tired of hearing that, but it’s true. If a website is empty, dull with no life, has no content and looks like something a 2 year old child would be playing around with — it isn’t worth anything. The very same analogy rings true for a site with poor content and or no content at all, thin pages, etc. As webmasters — we are known for our web-work. I can not stress this enough.

Step number one: step number one will consist of a 30 day content creation and marketing plan. If you aren’t going to follow every step of this SEO ranking guide, then I don’t care to help you. Please feel free to keep searching for the secret pixie dust among the crowd of thieves.

If you’re ready to start taking your business and your name (as a professional within your field) to a whole nuther level, then let’s proceed through to the following steps.

For the next 30 days you are going to write a minimum of one blog post per day. The blog post should be a minimum of 500 words of text. Trust me, that’s not as difficult as it might sound. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve trained and consulted with SEO’s and gave them this practice as a “homework regimen” and later have to listen to them tell me that; “they aren’t a good writer” and that “they can’t do this“.

“Not everyone is meant to be successful!” — “Not everyone will be successful”

That’s just rubbish. Do you think I was a professional copywriter when I first got started? Heck no I wasn’t. I done good to learn how to use a keyboard. The goal is to write one article a day — that one article doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. You aren’t being judged by what you write at this time. All you’re being judged by is “how well you follow these instructions“. Feel free to write about anything relative to business. Anything what-so-ever.

After the initial 30 days have passed, you’ll have a website FULL of content that was written by you and you’ll have gained a new habit; “writing“. Writing is very habit forming. I’ve seen this strategy work so many times. It takes effort on your part to make this change take place though. If you follow my 30 day blogging homework regimen, I can assure you, you’ll be pleased that you listened to me.

Great ideas for content that gains links: 59 lists that build links organically


One of the Google change’s that you must be aware of is this one:

Google Hummingbird is all about Semantic Search. If you aren’t yet familiar with what Semantic Search is, the term “Semantic Search” justifies the actual “meaning of something”.

Read: The Definition of Semantic Search

So — instead of you thinking that keyword density is going to help make your website relevant to your desired keyword goals, think more along the lines of “a bigger picture“.

As an example — let’s say that your site has 50 webpages. Google is going to take those 50 pages and come up with an keyword percentage/average. That average will determine the overall keyword percentage of your whole website. This average will provide Google with a more visual image of what the meaning is — for the entire website. These keywords that are justified as the “meaning” — will likely be the easier term to rank for. Hint, hint!

You Will Now Continue With Step #1


You should still be working on Step #1 at this point. Step #1 is a huge step for you to take, it should be broken up into different working processes. There’s no need for you to try and rush through step one, the more time you take completing step number one, the more you’ll learn, the more you’ll benefit and the better off you’ll be in the end. Below I will provide you with some of my very own content marketing strategies.

The Content Road Show

Some SEO’s like to make the argument that there’s no such thing as content marketing. I have different opinions on this subject matter, but then again that’s a story for a whole new article. Publishing content on your blog just isn’t enough, when the web today is a growing universe of interlinked web pages and web apps, teeming with videos, photos, and interactive content. Without marketing your website and your content, your website is similar to a giant billboard on a lost, deserted island.

That’s what puts SEO in such a high demand. How you market your content means everything to your overall success, not to mention the many links, anchor diversity, shares and social signals you’ll receive just from trying to market your content.

Years ago — all this awesome technology didn’t exist. Marketers still managed to spread the word though. Movie producers would use a strategy called the “content road show” to promote their latest work, in order to get it seen and noticed by their target audience. They would literally get in their vehicle and take it on the road, traveling all over the place, telling people about what they had done. Thus this strategy was coined — the road show.

Why is it were constantly going back to the basics? The reason were constantly going back to basics, is because everyone is steadily seeking shortcuts, taking more business risk and new digging for new ways to do business, to try and refrain from actually having to put forth work. Sad but true. :(

How Can This Strategy Work Online?

The way this will work is — through a little footwork. Yes , more work will be involved. If you thought this was going to be an easy process, you was wrong. :) When you get tired from all the hard work, keep in mind the size of the reward at the end of the road.

To start your content road show, let’s take our content down some of the various online roads we have available at our disposal. Were going to contact the people who’s site’s you’ve “linked to” from within your article(s). We should do this every-time we write a new article.

A.) Let’s start by using some “thank you emails“. Thank you emails are great for showing your respect for a webmasters time, effort and work. Thank you emails have many different benefits, they also increase the ego of the content (link) owner and make it more likely for the webmaster or owner of the content to link back to you and share what content you’ve created, with their followers across the web.

B.) Another one of my famous content marketing receipts is to implement forums. The trick that I use here is, I will find forums that’re relevant to the niche in which I’m writing about and I will establish an account on those (3-4 max) forums and I will write a small tutorial or article somewhat similar to the main piece I’m wanting to promote.

Doesn’t have to be similar to your main content though. The goal here is to add quality and followup with it adding further value to questions, etc that the post receives.

Try and provide help and make acquaintances. Your aim should be to position yourself as the expert in a given niche. Forum users naturally share forum threads, and most enjoy boosting great topics. I make sure to always place a link back to the article on my site, from the tutorials, etc I create on forums. Forums can make for a really powerful marketing tool when implemented correctly.

Remember what I said about forums in an earlier paragraph though — don’t get too tied up in these forums. If you’re looking for a place to build relationships and network, that place should be Google+

C.) Let’s not forget to send heads up emails. Contact everyone that you have linked to and let them know you’ve linked to them.

Rule #2

On to step two!

Step number two is a rather difficult process, only if you make it difficult on yourself. If you take your time and follow this tutorial then this second-step will turn out to be the easiest one for you. The linked to tutorial is a basic guide for you to read, learn and follow. After you follow that internal linking tutorial, it should give you more confidence as to what you should be doing.

Please make sure that you link together all the pages within your site. You need to also link together all of the pages of your site, “back to your homepage”. While writing your blog posts in step number one, please “try” to (while writing) link to your other blog articles that are relevant to the one your writing. After you give this some thought, after following the tutorial step by step — you will begin to see things in a more clear light.

The more you do this, the easier it will become for you.

Once you feel comfortable, you can move on to this tutorial and learn how to build the perfect information architecture (IA). Give this tutorial much time and respect. Try to gain the best understanding possible of this tutorial and then begin practicing these things on your own website.

Rule #3 and Rule #4

Remember that everything you do online is under a lot of scrutiny by your peers and those who find your site. Everything you do online is seen by others. Everything you write, build or say is criticized by very harsh critics.

Put your heart into every move you make. Your online website is your home. People will judge you, like it or not. Add as much value as you possibly can to everything you possibly can. When someone is negative or tries to bring you down, the rule I follow is “I ignore them at all cost“. I need to work on this one, I’ve not been doing very well at ignoring others.

Implement and Make Use of Social Media

I personally recommend Google+, as Google+ is the social media platform that I regularly use and enjoy. You can pick the one you would prefer to use, but Google+ adds more SEO benefit than any other social media platform. I have Google+ open in a browser tab at all times and regularly participate in industry relevant conversations — with industry leaders.

Many people like yourself and I, waste a great deal of time on forums. If you are one of these people, try to convert all that time you’re spending on forums, to spending that time on Google+. It’s a great way to build an awesome social media following and is a great place to share your content after you have finished writing your blog posts each day or each week.

Here is a highly recommended social media syndication resource to get your content shared all over the web. I love using this tool. It’s really cheap and works the best — over all of its competitors.

A Never Ending Game of Being In Battle

Almost 10 months ago ( March 29, 2013 ) I wrote a link building tutorial that went viral. I wrote the most popular tiered link building tutorial in history. The problem with that tiered link building tutorial today is that there have been a whopping 13 (major) update’s to the Google search engine algorithm, since I published it.

The tiered linking process will always be one of the most advanced, most powerful backlink supercharging strategies ever. This works so well because of how Google crawls webpages, and the only way tiered link building will ever stop working is if Google stops crawling the web. I really don’t see that happening, do you?

The Link Strategy That Has Replaced Tiered Link Building

The process that has replaced my recent tiered link building tutorial — is my new tiered link building tutorial. The good news is that the tutorial hasn’t even been written yet. That’s the good news.

The problem with “it being written” is the sole fact that it is publicly published on the web — for all to see. That’s why link building strategies and link networks have been falling down in a nasty domino effect. We make Matt Cutt’s job easy for him and for the rest of the Google web spam team. It’s no wonder they’ve been so successful at knocking off all the blog networks and other link building schemes.

bloggers guide how to rank in google

It’s time we stop making their job so easy. From now on all of my tutorials will be received through payment only. This will keep the % of trolls to a minimum and will make Matt Cutt’s and Google — work for what they want. I will be talking about this at a later time (not today).

For the purpose of this search ranking guide though, here’s what I have to offer you. Were going to start super charging our backlinks. This process is rather easy and that’s what I love so much about it. It’s like putting the backlinks that we already have on Steroids and making the links we already have — rank our site at lightning speeds. No risk involved. You’re going to love this.

To follow my secret backlink supercharging strategy, you’re first going to need to implement some (free) link tools that will assist you in finding what website’s are linking to you. All we need to do is get a list of backlinks that point to our site. Some good tools you might want to look into for this task are:


B.) Majestic SEO

C.) Open Site Explorer

D.) Google Webmaster Tools

E.) SEO Spyglass (Free Trial)

These link research tools are pretty awesome tools and are pretty easy to use. There’s all sorts of cool tricks that I will be teaching you, in later articles, about these very link research tools, but in this SEO ranking guide — I need for you to pay close attention to what these tools will be used for today.

It’s absolutely necessary that you do as I recommend, else this backlink supercharging process can not and will not work for you.

You’re using these link tools to find the backlinks you’ve gained to your website, over an extended period of time. If you’re working with a new domain and don’t have any quality links at the moment, don’t go into shock, it’s quite OK. You will just need to acquire some kick ass links, before implementing this next step.

The Example:

You have 2,000 backlinks pointing to your site and everything looks OK.

Your job is to do some basic backlink research and locate the best links. These tools normally show you which ones are the best, which ones have the highest Page Rank, the highest Domain Authority – Page Authority (DA/PA), etc.

A.) Go through and add as many of your best links into a .txt file. In the text file you can go ahead and include the anchor text that these links have, if they used anchors.

*B.) Before you add any links to your text file — you must make 100% sure that the links you choose are dofollow links and are contextual.

Please Note:

If the links do not possess the Rel=”NoFollow” attribute, that means they are dofollow. It is really important that the links you choose for this practice be dofollowed links.

Once you have compiled the recommended list of links, you’re all set to move to the next step. Now were going to SUPERCHARGE these backlinks and use these very links to rank our website. It isn’t necessary to create further links manually. Our content will be assisting us — for what we will need to rank.

Please Note:

It is detrimental to your overall success, that you continue to blog and publish new, awesome content on your site at least every other day. No less than three days per week. Continue the content marketing process and remain active across the web as outlined above. You should be doing something from this guide everyday. No ifs ands or buts.

Supercharging Your Best Backlinks

In order to Supercharge your best backlinks and push your website to the top of Google, all you’ll need in order to do this at this point (if you aren’t already ranking) is a simple link building software. I recommend that you use one that is versatile, has a decent reputation for its overall quality, one that allows you to post to just about any and all link properties and link platforms.

GSA Search Engine Ranker is a really awesome link building tool to use for this step. I recommend it (but it should be used with caution). I also recommend Ultimate Demon. I don’t normally use link building tools, but for this strategy it’s well worth the usage of your RAM. :b

Try the FREE trial: GSA Search Engine Ranker FREE Trial

The Best on The Market: Ultimate Demon Link Building Software

I realize that there are those of you who are determined to do things the hard way. So, if the shoe fits the foot, wear it. Go ahead and start building backlinks to your backlinks. This will Supercharge your already existing backlinks and build up their authority, quality, Page Rank and all other link metrics.

Use this guide to find the best links by implementing advanced search strings.

You will now need to go to the .txt file (where you put your links) you created (making sure they’re all dofollow and contextual) and grab one backlink at a time. The goal now is to start building some backlinks to your backlinks. Supercharge them!

The reason we chose dofollowed links, is to allow the link juice to flow through to the link that were Supercharging and then flow on over to our website. The whole process is just so awesome. This is a truly powerful link building strategy. More good news — you don’t have to do this all the time. Feel free to create 25-50 (whatever you’re comfortable with) backlinks to your already existing backlinks today and then repeat the same process next month.


It’s OK if you go over 50 backlinks. This is just an example.

seo guide how to rank in google fast

It’s up to you what kind of links you build to supercharge your backlinks. It’s idea to use high Page Rank links and a variation of link types. The higher the Page Rank, the more link juice you’ll pass on to the website you’re going to rank. (If it isn’t already ranking)

Is This a Safe Link Building Process?

This is the safest link building process ever, they don’t get anymore legitimate than this guys. Think about it, we aren’t creating any new backlinks that’re pointing directly to our website and all the benefit is done from the backend. Google will never see this as one of those horrible linking strategies. In-fact — Google won’t see anything at all.

If you’d like, you can also add an extra layer of protection by saving the login details that you would have used to create backlinks to supercharge your already existing backlinks. By saving those login details, you can very easily DELETE all those links at any given time, with the click of a button. :0) How ya like those apples?

The Conclusion To a Successful SEO Campaign

By this time, if you’re one of the ones who dedicated yourself to making it this far along in this SEO ranking guide and tutorial — your site should be ranking pretty damn well right about now, for numerous keywords.

This super awesome ranking strategy provides very solid rankings, that stand the test of time. In other words, they’re pretty easy to maintain. I recommend that you start to work on your content creation. Your long-term goal there should be to create the best, most amazing content in your niche — content that gains organic links and social shares, like never before. That’s my goal and I’m still working on that one everyday. ;)

Please continue to work hard at everything you do, not just online but in life. Keep in mind that Google’s search engine intentions are, to see to it that the best, most creative, high quality content is shown on the first page of Google, so that when someone searches Google, they receive the best results imaginable. As time moves forward — Google will get better at returning better quality search results and as long as your building your business on top of the 6 rules, you can never go wrong.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this article. I know I really enjoyed writing it for you. I hope that in return, you’ll help me to spread the word about this new “How To – Ranking Guide” I’ve created, by using the social media sharing options that I have available for you, right here on this page. I’ve made it easy for you and I totally appreciate your help. You guys are so awesome.

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If you have any questions about what you’ve read here today, please do not hesitate to comment below. I will reply to you as soon as I see your comment. If you have any other questions pertaining to SEO, Local SEO, Link Building, Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc — use the comment form and talk with me. Use this time to take advantage of my FREE “one on one” SEO consultation. :) Ask me anything and I’ll do my best to provide you with a professional answer. Feel free to contact me privately if needed.

Continue to follow my blog for more interesting strategies that you can use to implement along with this SEO Ranking guide.

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