The Enhanced Guide To Marketing With a Sex Appeal

Marketing today — is much different than marketing has ever been before. Twenty+ years ago, there wasn’t any such thing as Digital, Online Marketing – yet some marketers were still able to manage making a viral impression across numerous countries — to and fro.

Whether by horseback or by dogsled.

Marketing today has fully matured and grew into something huge — marketing today is rather quite sexy. To be a great marketer today, whether you’re marketing your “whatever” (whatever it is you’re marketing) you must have more than just a handle on leveraging the attention of others.

Not many marketers become successful in the marketing scene of today, as a marketer, whether it be online or… In-fact I’d be surprised to see the statistics of just how many marketers are successful in their field. I guarantee you that the statistics would surprise the heebie geebies out of you and I both.

Just How Sexy Is Your Marketing?

How To Make My Marketing More Appealing and Sexy!

As we take a look back at who paved the way — one of the greatest marketers of all times and one of my personal favorites — was David Ogilvy.

Let’s Take Look at Five of Davids Most Important Lesson’s

1.) “Unless your advertising contains a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night. I doubt if more than one campaign in a hundred contains a big idea.”

2.) “In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create.”

3.) “I abhor advertising that is blatant, dull, or dishonest. Agencies which transgress this principle are not widely respected.”

4.) “Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals.”

5.) “If we hire people who are smaller than we are, we will become a company of dwarfs. If we hire people who are larger than we are, we’ll become a company of giants.”

Often times you may see other bloggers talk about David Ogilvy’s success, but… one thing you don’t see other bloggers talking about is how to take what Ogilvy taught us way back then, and implement it into an unique modern day sexy marketing style.

In 1962, Time magazine called David Ogilvy “the most sought-after wizard in today’s advertising industry.”

Make my marketing sexy

Will you one day be a sought-after marketing wizard? Keep the answer to yourself… just make sure you answer it quietly.

Taking a good look around, no one stands out today, not even close to the way David did in this same industry — over 52 years ago. “David Ogilvy – The Master of Creative Marketing and Advertising” has so very much to teach all of us about how to maximize productivity, the inside and outs of branding, ambition, research , be goal orientated and so much more.

From The Old School To The New School

Your physical (personal) age doesn’t play a role in incorporating some serious online swagga into your marketing campaign(s). Modern marketing is so much easier these days, than what it used to be, back in David Ogilvy’s day.

Today we have everything one needs to become successful — from transparent blueprints of successful marketers, tutorials, guides, the web, to software that does the whole process for us — from beginning to end.

Today we have so many marvelous ways of pushing our “stuff”, whether it be a piece of online content, a new movie, a new book you’ve written or a new invention. Technology has come such a long ways, from what it once was. And it’s growing at the speed of light day after day.

There’s no excuse as to why you can’t build a successful online business, an online blog, etc. To leverage the power of the web is a “push of a button away” — though incorporated with a bit of common sense.

How To Get Your Swagga Back With Swagga Jack Greg    :)

The term swagga is nothing more than “having some class” or “being classy” or looking good among your piers.

Swagga (Swagger) is the way in which you present yourself or your “stuff”. A great way to maintain online swagga is to make everything you do much more appealing or sexy (so to speak). Whichever word you prefer to use, use it — but… make sure you implement it correctly.

Should you position SCHWEPPES as a soft drink — or a mixer?” or “Should you position DOVE as a product for dry skin or as one which gets hands really clean?”

Ogilvy’s ads were bold. They assumed they were intelligent and they flattered their audience. David presented everything he did in a way that you couldn’t forget after seeing it once. This made him and what he did remembered.

[Tweet “Customer service isn’t about being right. It’s about always being willing to make it right!”]

Can you think of some ways you can start to implement some of the above ideas? Remember: Your Swagger Matters To More Peeps Than Just Your Wife/Husband ..  :)

how to optimize my marketing  more appealing

Let’s take a look at where your sexy, online swagga “Must begin”:

1.) Your Very Sexy Web Design (Colors, Fonts, Text, Pics, Style, etc)

2.) Post formatting, New Blog Post Pics (100% Unique)

3.) Your Social Media Activity (Cool Pics, Creative, Educational Conversations)

4.) Making it Rain (Online Contest, Advertising, Spending Money, Investing)

OK, well #4 isn’t a “must begin” placement, but does have its place. Money makes the world go around and does add some benefit as per your marketing sexiness. Unless you know someone who does all your web design work and marketing for free. Shoot me their Skype contact. ; ) I love free stuff!

This article is the first article I’m publishing in the year of 2014. I practice what I preach, so — as a part of my “How To Optimize Your Marketing With a Sex Appeal Guide” I aim to start creating sexy content from this day forward.

I’ve been creating sexy content for a long time now, but from today forward sexy content will be all that I create. 100% sexy. A new years resolution? Yupp!

WTF Is Sexy Content? (excuse my language)

a.) Sexy content is Long-Form Content (1k+ words).

b.) Sexy content is Formatted Very Nicely.

c.) Sexy content Contains Unique and Relevant Images.

d.) Sexy content is Written professionally With No Grammatical Errors.

e.) Sexy content is Well Researched.

Content is also king, but I give up digress…

Oh wait … I almost forgot!

From An Old School SEO To a New School, High Class Raging Content Gorilla With a Demand For Success

For years I was an SEO who relied upon and lived by manual link building. Nowadays I call it “Link Spam”.

I’m much like David Ogilvy, well at least I am in some ways. I didn’t go to school to learn Search Engine Optimization and the truth is, I didn’t graduate from the 9th grade. I dropped out of school and later went back to achieve my G.E.D

The godfather of Marketing and Advertising

David Ogilvy was kicked out of Oxford University (the reason was never disclosed). Later became a legend, and is known today for being the greatest marketer to ever live.

A few years back I set down my strategies and picked up some new ones. Since then, my business and name in this awesome search marketing industry has quadrupled.

The Conclusion of Why Sex Sales

Sex sales and as a marketer nor you or I can ignore it. We aren’t talking about sex in general. What I have done here is outline how you can use the “sex sales” mantra within your own industry or niche.

The idea is to give the user or your audience what they want.

What your audience craves is ATTENTION. As long as you’re keeping EVERYTHING that you do online UNIQUE, APPEALING AND SEXY — you’ll achieve this goal at the end of everyday.

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I wish each and everyone of you a great new year. Happy 2014 guys! :)

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