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Before we get way ahead of ourselves, I want to warn you:

Most of what you will read here will surprise you and turn on new lights. Don’t be surprised if what you read below is far different from what you find when you go to write for other blogs.

Search Simplicity is different. Very different!

On average, writing a post for us takes anywhere from 10-20 hours from start to finish. And because we rarely approve guest posts, your chances for approval are very slim.

You might be asking yourself, why would someone go forth with all of this, just for a measly guest post. Well, I’m about to get into all of that in just a second.

Is your goal to become a well known authority in your online niche?

What Does it Take to Write for Search Simplicity?

It’s not for the faint of heart or the weak minded — that’s for sure.

Throughout our rigorous (one of a kind) editorial process, your content could possibly go through seven or eight ruff-drafts before we feel it’s ready for publishing.

Once you’re done with your final copy, our editors will give it a spit shine. This applies to everyone – even Gregory’s writing gets a final polish from our editorial crew.

If you’d rather just send us a ruff-draft and ask us to publish it “as is” — then Search Simplicity is NOT for you.

We will criticize and scrutinize your content until it’s “exactly how we want it“, before we consider or even think about publishing it. If you disagree with how we do things — then again;

Search Simplicity is NOT the blog for you. :(

Yet — On the other hand, “if you love writing and you see writing as a collaborative process” where the end-goal is to make your content as valuable as possible, you will find your experience here at Search Simplicity a very rewarding experience – in front of a fairly large, rewarding audience.

Get Ready – Get Set… Go!

Slow down cowboy!

Still interested in writing for us?

Then were interested in your ideas and what you have to bring to the table. We are interested in bylined article contributions, monthly column contributors, experienced bloggers, experienced marketers, SEO’s, Link Builders, etc.

We are interested in hearing about unique, creative ideas and would enjoy any and all feedback. We have a strict editorial policy and process that you “must follow”, in order for your contribution to be accepted by Search Simplicity.

Following are some of the rules that you must abide by in order to be approved. If you have not taken the time to read through this webpage and follow our very strict policies, then you’re wasting your time as well as mine.

If you can’t follow directions, then don’t submit content to us. If you’re willing to follow our contributor guidelines, then by all means, we would enjoy having you as an author here at Search Simplicity — so please follow the following guideline.

How To Get Published

A.) Our Blog

If you’re aiming to submit something of value to the awesome blog of Search Simplicity community, whether it be an article, a case study, a discussion, etc — we require that each piece of content be between 800 – 1,000 words of text. There must be an intro, a body and a conclusion.

B.) Search Jazz

If you’re aiming to submit an audio driven piece of quality focused content to the Search Jazz category of Search Simplicity, we do accept contributions, suggestions, etc to this category, but you’ll need to shoot straight. This category deserves only the best content.

C.) Tutorials/Guides

We really enjoy tutorials. Tutorials have a much higher approval rate %. If you’re aiming to submit a tutorial, please make sure that the tutorial is broken down into easy to follow, easy to understand “step by step processes”.

D.) Showcase

A picture says a thousand words. The showcase is a category for designs, experiments, website designs, Photoshop, etc. We will accept weekly submissions and every week we will pick a winner for “image of the week”. Please submit only the very best quality work to be showcased.

Getting Published as an Author

What Sort of Ideas Should I Pitch?

You should focus on “how to” guides and “SEO and or Internet Marketing tutorials” ..

These type of articles get approved much faster than anything else, here on Search Simplicity.

We can not stress enough, the importance of having a strong headline.

Your headline will be out first contact with your post and if your headline doesn’t pull us in and ask us to read the rest of the article, chances are good that you won’t be writing for us.

It doesn’t make a difference how awesome your post ideas are, if you can’t sell it to us via your headline, you probably can’t sell it to our readers either.

Just why are we being so damn adamant and insistent with demanding an awesome headline right from the get go?

Because at Search Simplicity we are the best and we aim to keep it that way.

*Check out Jon Morrow’s cheatsheet!

What Kind of Audience am I Writing For?

Our readers are bloggers, SEO’s, Affiliate Marketers, Freelancers, Social Media Marketers and Small Business owners.

How Many Words Should My Post Be In Length?

On Search Simplicity we prefer long-form content that’s in the 2,000 – 3,000 word range.

The reason we want this type of long-form content is because we want to deliver the final word on a topic. We want to deliver authoritative, definitive posts to our readers. We will only publish content that will remain valuable mover time and as they age, they grow more valuable in nature.

Our content is the type of content that other bloggers share and link to. :) We deliver the best of the best and we compete with only the best.

Here’s a few of the challenges you’ll see from writing long-form content:

  • Exploring and developing complex ideas in an engaging way
  • Staying focused on the post’s core topic and purpose
  • Sustaining the reader’s interest to the end of the post
  • Motivating them to take action at the end of the post
  • Compelling them to leave a comment without asking directly for comments

If you are more comfortable with writing 500-750 word articles — then Search Simplicity is not for you. :(

Will I be Able to Link to my Own Blog in the Post?

We will allow for you to add a couple of links in your author byline. We might also allow for you to add a relevant link or two within the article body, depending on relevance.

Anything I Need to do After the Post Has Been Published?

Yes ofcourse!

  • We expect for you to promote your new guest post to your email list, to your social media friends.
  • You should engage with all comments as soon as they are posted and all throughout the day.
  • Respond to social media comments, when they are posted.

Don’t Forget

Each and every person(s) who are approved to have their content(s) published on our website, you MUST create an account on our website and submit your content as a ruff-draft, in order to allow for our editors to review your content(s).

Once your content has gone through our rigorous editorial process (several revisions) , the content will then be published by our editor. You will be given a contributors account, which will allow for you to manage your very own backend work space.

You will be allowed to place no more than two links within your author bio section of your profile. The article body should have relevant links, links that should be used to help you explain your content(s).

*You should find relevant articles on Search Simplicity and link to them. This makes for a nice internal linking structure, something we wish to remain following.


You MUST follow the below guide as well as all of the rules we have written.

Setting up Google Authorship for guest: a great guide I’d like for you to follow

Images are used to better explain your content. All images should be created uniquely by you or a designer you’ve hired for this project. We look down on images created by another author.

We do not allow for you to steal images from (Google) around the web, use them here and give credit to the image creator.

For the time being, we ask that you create an account on our site. Afterwards, please contact us telling us what email you used to create that account, we will also need your username. Once you have done all of this, we will login to your account and give your account “contributor privileges”. Once we do this, you’ll then be able to login, submit your content as a draft, work, edit, etc.

Once you submit your content as a draft and pick the category you’re seeking to be published into — we will see that you’ve submitted your draft and we will contact you, letting you know a date and time in which we plan to click the publish button.

How To Get Started?

Go here to submit your content for review:  http://www.searchsimplicity.com/write-for-us-submission-form/

Thank you for taking the time to read through our contributor guidelines.

Good Luck!



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