5 Ways We Spend Way Too Much On Our Cars

Many of us love our cars, the place where, for commuters, we spend the large majority of our time running in and out to work. They are the vehicles that take our kids to school, carry all kinds of goods from one place to another and the place where we can have a little fun on the road. Some people however seem to love their cars way to much and end up spending countless dollars on tweaks and fixes for their cars. Let’s take a look at the most popular ways that people spend way too much money on their cars.


Fashion Touches

One of the biggest ways that people blow money on their cars is with fashion touches, huge stickers, spoilers, additional badges and colorful additions are all costly. Naturally people want to personalize their cars once they buy them but some people just go way too far.

In-Car Gadgets

Tech in cars is often something that comes as standard in newer models but many cars are left behind by technological advancements. This lead many of us to buy extra pieces of tech that will bring our antiquated cars up to speed. The problem is that technology always changes and as such, so too must our in-car tech, queue lots of unwanted cables filling up glove compartments all over the country.

Seat Covers

A particular bug bear of mine is people who buy covers for their seats, specifically those beaded ones. I understand that for some, this is a way of enhancing the comfort in the drivers seat, especially for those who travel long distances. The problem with seat covers is that they can become costly and almost unnecessarily so, the car seats already have covers when you buy the car.

Air Fresheners

I understand that air fresheners may be cheap to buy, although some are quite frankly ludicrous in terms of pricing. The thing is with air freshener however is that they only give your car that colorful scent for what feels like a matter of minutes before you need to go out and buy a new one. The accumulative cost of these things must be insane and whilst the car may smell good, your bank account will be worse off for it.

Not Utilizing Warranty

Not necessarily spending money but avoiding the option to save it with the use of car warranties. You’d be surprised at just how many people don’t understand their car warranty and pay for repairs directly to a garage in the first few years of owning a car. If you’ve bought a new car recently, ensure that you understand full what your warranty covers you for, this way you may be able to avoid paying repair costs completely as the dealer will have you covered.

There are countless more ways that we spend too much on our cars and it is worth considering whether you also fall into this bracket. Many of the costs may be small and seem insignificant but they all add up.