6 Common Mistakes Car Buyers Make When Purchasing New Cars

Every car buyer needs to be aware that most car merchant dealers will feed you with lies to persuade you to purchase a car that is not of your choice. It also applies when you want to buy a second-hand car.

Below are the blunders you should avoid making while buying a car

Purchasing a Car Without Doing Proper Research

If you don’t do thorough homework on the type of car you want, chances are you’ll land on a bad deal. Let’s say, for example; you intend to buy an SUV car, you will probably research by consulting friends who have previously owned the car.

When planning to buy new cars & SUVs, it is not a walk in the park, like walking into any car dealer and driving away with your newly acquired dream car. Purchasing a new car is a heavy financial commitment, and thus, it requires you to be extra careful to land with the best deal.

Make use of the internet by exploring further on your own. Get more information on specific models available and the features they pack to see which one will be favourable and suit your needs. If you don’t have an appropriate source in mind, you can try auto web.

Lack of Comparing Different Dealerships

Like we do in our usual kind of shopping, the same case implies buying a new car. It requires you to do some window shopping to compare prices and features. Trust me, if you fail to take your time to shop around, high chances are you may be overpriced.

Never make a blind decision that many buyers make of only visiting one dealer. It is your responsibility to sacrifice your effort and time. Commit yourself to visit different dealers to check out on the offers they have, and by doing that, you will get someone you can trust.

Failure to do a Test Drive

Taking a driving test is very important; remember you are buying your dream car, right? Therefore, you shouldn’t be in a hurry, take your time to sit behind the wheel, and the salesperson on the other seat then you drive. Buy driving; you can determine how the car can handle different situations and their features. After the driving test, you can now know what is present and what’s not, depending on your needs.

Not Consulting your Insurance Agent

Unfortunately, many car buyers are not aware that insurance is a significant determinant when purchasing a car. So, many buyers tend to ignore the insurance agent, and that leads to a total mess.

Therefore, you should consult your insurance agent, don’t necessarily trust the car dealer to handle everything for you. The reason being, you might forget to inquire about important crucial issues like a Carfax report.

Failing to Negotiate

Just like when we are buying other staff, we like to negotiate the prices. The same case happens when you set your foot to a car dealer. Do not hesitate to negotiate the terms of the vehicle you want to buy. Their salespersons you’ll hear them say, don’t negotiate, don’t fall for that baloney.

Negotiate on everything right from the interior fabric, the tires, paint colour, and lease period. Don’t feel timid and shy, be firm when negotiating, and if you don’t like what is being offered, you can walk away to another dealer.

Paying Processing Fee

Most car dealers tend to charge customers with some hidden overhead charges, also termed as “documentation fee” please don’t fall for that it, is a cost for paperwork processing of the car. Some charge $500 to $600, and that’s very expensive.