5 Ways To Sex Up Your Garden (Without Breaking the Bank)

When it comes to putting money into your house to give it a re-up or a new design to breathe some life into it, the last place you would usually consider spending money on is the garden. Far more important are areas that you spend most time in such as the living room or the kitchen. With that being said, looking out of your window to a beautiful garden or being able to enjoy a well designed garden on those sunny days is something that many of us would like. Well the good news is that we have some garden hacks for you that will sex up your garden, without spending silly money.


Old School

Old, antique metal looks great in the garden, it’s the juxtaposition of fresh growing grass and flowers against the old, rusting metal that gives it such a great effect and you can do this with ease. Old bike wheels, kettles, pots and pans on old ornaments look great in the garden and you can pick them up from charity shops and flea markets for an absolute steal.

Cheap Decking

Decking seems to be all the rage these days and as such, hardware shops charge through the nose for professional decking. Cut the corner and create your own decking area using some old pallets. You can pick pallets up at local factories or supermarkets and if your lucky you can get them for free. The only cost you will need to pay out for is paint to treat the wood so that it can survive all weathers, the pallets can be easily connected with nails and a hammer and hey presto you have your own cheap decking.

Cool Plant Pots

Think outside the box when it comes to your plant pots, you could use old wellington boots, old paint tins, pots and pans or anything lying around that could house a plant. Give it a touch of magic with a lick of paint and you can reinvent your garden.

Hanging Herb Garden

Having a hanging herb garden is one of the easiest ways to transform a boring garden. All you need is a hanging shoe rack, they can be picked up very cheaply, pop the shoe rack onto a partitioning wall or fence, fill each of the holes up with soil and put your herb seeds in. These gardens not only look great but save a lot of space.

DIY Fire Pit

A fire pit is so simple to create, simply clear some space in your garden, dig a small trench and there you have it. Try to pick up so old logs if you can and place these around your pit for seats, you can add some ornate touches around the fire pit and when the warm nights arrive, stoke up the fire grab some marshmallows and sit back and relax.

There are loads of ways that you can add some sexiness to your garden without it costing the earth (pun intended). Get searching online for more garden hacks and you will find an abundance of smart and funky ways that you can save money and still have a beautiful garden.