Career In IT: 7 Facts You Must Know About

If you’re looking for a stable, in-demand job, the first place you should look is the Computer Science and IT sectors. Not only will the need for technology consultants continue to grow in the next few years, in many places, but the demand for workers is also growing faster than how many employees are being produced by colleges. There has never been a better time to get into IT. Are you still on the fence about IT? You will be soon. Here the seven benefits of working in IT.

IT Pays Well

IT salaries are generous, to say the least. Considering the relatively few years that you are required to be in school to get a job in the field, you will be making a lot of money. More than enough to pay off any student loans you may have accrued, and then some.

Great working environment

Technology is a relatively new industry. While that might make some graduates nervous about stability, it is a pro of working in IT. Companies that are hiring are progressive and are looking to improve their industry. If you work at an IT company, chances are that you will get the chance to shape that company and help them become a professional business in this new industry.

In just the last couple of years, there have been countless tech startups that have risen to fame like Apple and Google, and if you get in on the ground floor, you can shape that company. IT jobs are generally flexible and allow you to work from home.

Constant, invigorating change

Technology is always changing, so you should assume that the industry that produces it is constantly changing, as well. IT is great for those who get stuck in a rut easily because there is no chance of that in this profession. As technology progresses, there are new things to learn, new skills to hone and infinite ways to progress. If you think there are a variety of jobs in IT now, just wait. As technology changes, new branches will form, and the demand for this work will be even higher.

You can work in any industry

What company doesn’t have a website, an email address or another online element? Almost none. That’s good news, it means an IT professional can work in almost any industry there is. It also means there are plentiful jobs in the IT industry, but we already knew that. IT is one of the only degrees that can get you anywhere. If you love a company, but don’t have the skills to learn what they do, learn IT.

Collaborative work

Humans are social creatures, and although the stereotype of an IT worker is a shy, nerdy guy, that isn’t the case. IT requires a high amount of collaboration between employees. You may be unable to solve a problem by yourself and need the help of the person sitting next to you. There may be a big project that you can finish on your own. Tech is all about thinking about things in new and innovative ways, and the best way to do this is to collaborate with others.

You don’t need a degree

There are many different levels at which you can work with IT. Some may choose the more traditional route of college, but that isn’t necessarily the only choice. You could take an ITIL course, which has several different levels of mastery in and of itself. In addition, all sorts of industries have begun hiring skilled workers with other degrees because they recognize how important it is to have a staff that thinks in a variety of ways and a new employee, regardless of how much they know about IT, can be trained relatively quickly.

You can make a difference

Tech is at the forefront of many industries right now, and with new tech comes new capabilities. Many progressive companies in this new industry are directing their power towards helping those who can’t help themselves. If you want to help people, a tech job is for you. Companies like Bail Bloc uses technology and cryptocurrency to pay bail for people in need. Charity Miles raises money based on how active you are. If you want to support a cause that you’re passionate about, look to IT.

The Bottom Line

In all honesty, it’s hard to find something bad about working in this industry. If you’re feeling lost with your job, maybe it’s time to try something new. Try starting in IT, a fun and forgiving industry that is always growing, always changing and continually making a difference in the way people live their lives.