What Qualities Do Doctors Possess?

Doctors are one of the most widely respected positions all over the world, these incredible men and women cure people and save lives on a daily basis as well as aiming to improve the lives of everyone in their care. Whether practicing as a brain surgeon, a doctor of psychiatry like Jonathan Lauter or working in chiropractics, doctors of all types are incredible human beings who deserve our recognition and respect. If you are looking at pursuing a career in this most noble of professions then it is important that you not only have the grades which will allow you to study medicine but also the qualities in order to do the job, let’s take a look at what qualities a doctor possesses.

Hard Working

It is folly to think that you can even entertain the idea of one day becoming a doctor without having an outstandingly high work ethic. Doctors must study for around 12 years before even being allowed to practice medicine, even after this they must be able to show that they are capable during a probation period before finally being allowed to go out on their own. The hard work never stops and doctors are required to work long hours and continue studying their branch of medicine.


One must have an extremely high level of intelligence to absorb, understand and remember the vast amount of information about the human body which is required in order to practice medicine. Whilst it is possible to work hard on your weaknesses when it comes to medicine, without natural intellect, becoming a doctor is almost impossible.

Working Under Pressure

For doctors who are looking after a patient’s physical health, working under pressure is a crucial part of the job and it is important that doctor’s are able to keep a clear mind and be able to make smart decisions on the spot. Very often, people’s lives are at stake when under the charge of a doctor and anyone who wants to work in this profession will need to separate the emotion of the situation and work based on facts.


Doctors must pay attention to every detail and work hard on becoming a perfectionist, whether this is on the job or during their studies. A single detail could be the difference between life and death and it is in the interests of everyone involved that you always pay attention to every detail with which you are presented.


Doctors must be empathetic to the situation of others and whilst saving and improving lives is absolutely crucial to the job, so too is patient care. In fact, from a professional standpoint, patient care is becoming more important each year and in order to be a great doctor, in whichever medical field you are practicing in, you need to make sure that you are looking after all of the physical needs of a patient.