Which Type Of Engineer Suits You?

Engineering is currently the most popular major amongst U.S. students and it is a career choice which can really broaden one’s horizons. Engineering is a skill which can be taken all over the world and it is a profession which always has positions available and is always on the look out for new talent.

Engineering however is a large umbrella for many branches of the profession and if you would like to one day go on to become a successful engineer like Reddy Kancharla, you will need to know within which field you plan to dedicate your efforts. To help you in making your decision, let’s take a look at which branches of engineering there are available to you.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is not only the study of chemicals but also the research and investigation into chemicals and how they can be combined or tweaked to create something of use. This is a field which requires high level knowledge of all of the sciences and it is also one which is vitally important to the world. Chemical engineers could be researching new drugs to cure diseases, they could be finding new ways in which to help the environment or even researching new products to increase people’s health.

Aerospace Engineering

The field of aerospace is very much the elite engineering role and it is one which will see you involved with cutting edge technology as you work on projects that seek to improve air and space craft. This is a profession which requires exceptional engineering skills as well as someone with extremely high intellect. Whilst you will have to study very hard to attain a position in this field of engineering, the rewards of working at the very forefront of technology are more than worth it.

Civil Engineering

This is the most popular branch of engineering which people go in to and it is one which covers a wide range of smaller branches of engineering. Civil engineering focusses on the things which you see around you everyday, it covers construction, infrastructure and architecture along with a great many more areas of man-made design and production. Within civil engineering, you will be able to change between any different disciplines such is the similarity in approach and this could help you to forge a highly successful career.

Computer Engineering

One of the hottest areas of engineering right now is computer engineering and if you have a particular passion and skill for computing, this could be your best choice. Computer engineers fall into two main categories, hardware and software and both positions are highly desirable right now. Each company in the world is looking for ways in which they can use computing and software to improve their business and as a computing engineer, you will be highly sought after and be able to embark upon a long and very successful career in this industry.