3 of the Best Trending Makeup Brands in 2023

In 2023, the market is oversaturated with an endless array of makeup brands thanks to evolving fashion and beauty trends and viral products on social media. If you’re new to makeup or just looking to upgrade your everyday beauty routine, determining what brands are worth your money can be as difficult as undergoing hammertoe surgery. Here are a few of the best viral makeup brands that are expected to trend in 2023, for a good reason. 


Originally known for its ultra-affordable makeup, ELF (which stands for “eyes, lips, face”) has undergone a rebrand in recent years and is now making top-rated products that can compete with even the most expensive high-end or luxury brands. From their dupes that are made from the same active ingredients as, and produce identical results to, some of the most popular high end products on the market at half the cost of their top-rated, affordable brushes that every artist should have in their collection, ELF is one of the best drugstore makeup brands in the world and is expected to remain popular in 2023. ELF is available at nearly all drugstores, making their products accessible to makeup lovers everywhere.


Glossier has been producing products that have been viral on social media (and consequently sold out online) since the company was founded in 2014. Best known for its aesthetically pleasing packaging and clean ingredients, Glossier is the perfect brand for beauty beginners and those who want a natural, “no-makeup makeup” look. Glossier’s ultra-lightweight face products, easy-to-use brow pencils, and nourishing lip balms and primers are the perfect products for anyone looking to simplify their daily makeup look in the New Year. 


Kosas is one of the most popular makeup brands on the market today, thanks to numerous products that have gone viral on social media throughout the last year. Known for lightweight products that contain skin-loving ingredients, Kosas combines skincare with makeup and makes products that are promised to improve the quality of your skin over time. If you are looking for products that can simplify your everyday makeup routine and give you a natural yet put-together daily look while prioritizing skincare and improving the quality, texture, and look of your skin over time, Kosas is the perfect brand for you. Available online and in Sephora, Kosas is expected to remain one of the most popular trending makeup brands throughout 2023.