Budget Fashion Advice (For Men)

Staying stylish on a budget is not easy, it is not however, contrary to popular belief, impossible, nor is it an excuse to look slouchy in that same pair of jeans that you’ve been wearing for the last week. The good news for all of you shoestring budget fellas who are trying to look good is that there are lots of ways and means whereby you can combine the two. Today we’re going to give you some tips on how you can not only stay on budget but also rock the streets as though they were your very own personal catwalks.


Big Picture

It’s important to keep the big picture in mind when staying on budget, by this we mean that it is about having quality pieces in your closet, not a quantity of pieces. With this rule you should be spending good money on clothing but more infrequently. Doing this means that you need to be buying classic pieces that are multifunctional. Of course you could go out and buy 5 $10 shirts, but they will more than often look pretty lame and won’t last long, better to invest in a $50 shirt that can be worn in different ways and will keep you looking good.

Plan Your Spending

It can be really easy to go shopping with the blind ambition of buying ‘some’ clothes, doing this will leave you with clothes that you probably didn’t need, perhaps don’t even match and ones that you only bought based on their price. Make a list of the type of outfits that you need and then go after them to stop you spending unnecessary money.

Go Second Hand

There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying clothes second hand, you can often get some great pieces for very little money. You could look online at places like eBay or for the real bargains, get down to your local charity shop. Vintage pieces, if you can find them, not only look great but really stand the test of time, just be careful as more and more used vintage clothing shops are popping up and hiking the prices up on these pieces.

Take Care of Your Stuff

It may sound basic but one of the best ways to dress well and not spend as much money is to maintain the pieces that you do have and avoid having to replace them unnecessarily, Regular cleaning in the right way, folding or hanging your clothes immediately after you discard them and regular steaming will keep your clothes in great shape for some time to come. If you are having to replace your clothing regularly because of carelessness then the fault is nobody but yours.

These are just a few ways that the fellas can manage their wardrobes on a budget, there are lots more handy hacks out there that you can follow and it is worth looking about for them if you are trying to live for less. One thing is for sure though, regardless of your budget, you have no excuse to not look good.