Budget Fashion Advice (For Women)

Want to look great, fashionable, stylish and sexy? Of course, can you afford the latest Prada, Gucci, Mulberry and Jimmy Choo range? Probably not, but don’t fear, the good new is that there are loads of hacks out there to make you look incredibly fashionable and still keep your financial head above water. In all honesty, even if you ahem the money to pay for top gear, the range of options available to you on the budget side of things are plentiful enough for you to go budget anyway. If you want to look great and spend less, then here are just a few tips that can help you out.



There are so many cheaper shops that offer similar styles to those that you see in the catwalk that it simply isn’t worth blowing your money on the real thing. The downside with the cheaper versions, lets take coats for example, is that the fabric is poorer quality and they only mimic the high fashion product, usually they lack the frills. The best advice is to add them yourself, you can completely reinvent a coat with something as simple as adding some glamorous buttons, easy to do and has a great impact. Denim jackets can be turned into fashion pieces with the addition of a few well placed rips and sewn on patches. Buy cheap and getting the sewing machine out for a cool look.

Go Black

If you buy a budget piece then try to get it in black, the color will hide any design flaws when compared to the real deal and people will never know that you went cheap. Black also looks great with almost every other color so not only will you be incognito but you will have a multi-purpose fashion piece for all outfits.


When it comes to picking up cheap pumps for an elegant look, always, always, always choose faux-shade over faux-leather. Opting for the fake leather variety will look great for a day, then the plastic will crack and they will scream to passers-by that they are a fraud. Deciding on faux-shade will mean that you have a better look for longer and nobody will ever know the difference, they may if they touch them so as a bonus piece of advice, don’t let anyone touch your shoes.

Steam the Things

Cheap clothing uses poorer fabric, poorer fabric wrinkles easily, wrinkled clothing looks bad and, you’ve guessed it, cheap. If you don’t have a steamer or an iron then it is time to invest in one, avoid the wrinkles and look like the fashion goddess that you are.

Do the Math

Remember to shop for outfits and not items and you can employ a simple bit of math here to help you out…

20 tops that will go with 10 shorts, 5 pants and 2 skirts will give you 340 different outfits!!

So there you are, just a few ways that you can keep your shoestring budget love whilst staying a la mode when it comes to fashion. The important thing is to be creative and make smart choices, go get ’em you budget fashionista you!