Fashionable Options To Stay Warm This Winter

Just as you would take your car to the shop for vehicle restoration, giving it a fresh and sleek paint job that pops and has people double-taking as you roll by, so too would you go to the clothing store for a new and stylish wardrobe. With winter just around the corner, many will be looking to update their attire with warmer and cozier clothing. Luckily, there are plenty of fashionable options to keep the cold at bay.


Coats and jackets are the staple piece of clothing for the cold months of the year, and having a stylish one–or two or three–can elevate your entire outfit. No longer are the days of puffy marshmallow coats. Today there are several choices you can make: peacoats, wool overcoats, denim jackets, trench coats, and–if you’re feeling extra cool–leather jackets.

Covering The Torso

Perhaps the main piece of clothing that will determine your outfit on any given day is what shirt your wear. Now that it’s chilly out, you’ll most likely want long-sleeved shirts, and that means picking out a variety of different sweaters, cardigans, cable-knit crewnecks, turtlenecks, and jumpers. If you’re feeling a little more rugged, throw on a nice flannel.

Below The Belt

We know that sweatpants are comfy, but let’s be honest, they’re not winning any style points. You’re a little more limited when it comes to keeping your legs warm, but there are still some great options. A dark wash or even a black pair of slim-fit jeans will go with about anything, and while light-wash is mostly paired with spring attire, there is nothing wrong with throwing on a pair of those as well. Tired of jeans? Slacks, both traditional and wool, are a good way to up your pants game for the season, but nobody will blame you for swapping them out for those sweats once you get home.


With the bulk of your outfit put together, it’s time to address the details. Find a pristine stocking cap or beanie to keep your ears toasty and your noggin comfortable, and pair it with a thick scarf to drape over or around your neck. A pair of leather gloves is the best option for keeping frostbite from stealing your fingers, and wool socks will protect your feet. Speaking of feet, boots are the most popular form of footwear during the cold season, so picking out a pair of sleek, shiny boots will make you stand out, and there are many styles to choose from. Consider slapping a nice watch over your wrist to top everything off.

Bonus tip: combine a flannel, boots, stocking cap, and beard to rock the lumberjack look this winter.

End Thoughts

Keeping yourself warm during the winter is essential for staying comfortable, but there are no rules that say you can’t look good while doing so. There are many different styles to choose from to stay cozy this season, and incorporating some of these options into your wardrobe will almost certainly boost your style, but it should go without saying that you should wear whatever you enjoy and makes you comfortable… even sweatpants.