How to Prepare for Your First Ever Bikini Wax

With an estimated 84% of women around the world doing some sort of grooming to their neither regions, waxing has fast become the favourite for many. Often, you can feel as though you are handing over your cold hard cash to be tortured for around an hour. However, the hair if often gone for well over two weeks, it will grow back finer and you will soon find yourself ringing your local beauty salon for a repeat grooming.

The thought of a stranger getting anywhere near your private parts with wax can seem daunting. However, whether going for a bikini or a Hollywood, your waxing specialist will always make sure you are comfortable at all times. Usually, most women come out of the salon wondering why they were worried in the first place! However, if you are feeling anxious, follow the tips below to make your feminine waxing a pleasant experience.

Tip One: always take a shower or bath before your appointment. Not only does this open your pores, making the whole process less painful, but it also means you are feeling clean and fresh. Alternatively, having some wet wipes on hand will do the trick.

Tip Two: make sure your hair is around a quarter of an inch long. If it’s longer your beautician will trim it. Shorter, and the wax won’t be able to cling to the hairs. For most women, 10 to 14 days’ worth of growth is ample.

Tip Three: gently exfoliate the area the night before by using a scrub lotion or mitt. This will make the hair removal easier as there are no dead skin cells blocking the way.

Tip Four: if you have real concerns over any pain it is perfectly okay to take a couple of pain killers beforehand. Many women find this helps take the edge off. Alternatively, talk to your salon about any numbing creams they may have to offer. If you don’t have to drive, a small glass of wine can help!

Tip Five: do not search for intimate waxing on the internet. Whilst 99% of feminine waxes go to plan the internet will undoubtedly show you those that went wrong. Do not watch reaction videos or listen to friend’s horror stories. Come to your appointment as relaxed as you can. Any information you need to know will come from your beautician. 

Tip Six: it is worth remembering that after your first wax, things will become much less uncomfortable. Getting over the initial first hurdle can make you wince at times, but once the follicle is weakened and the hair grows back finer, you will find it much easier.

Tip Seven: wearing a skirt for your first wax saves you from any awkward trouser fumbling. Plus, it means you just have to remove your underwear and can simply lift your skirt up. Many first timers prefer this as it allows them to be somewhat covered.

Top Eight: there are four common types of feminine waxes. Opting for a bikini wax (just the areas which would show if you were in a swimsuit) is a great way to ease yourself into waxing. Other types include the G-string, the Brazilian and the Hollywood.