Cannabis Served-Up Organically

The city of Los Angeles is rich in culture, vibrancy, art and buzz. One of the latest news stories comes out of West Hollywood and is sure to please proponents of cannabis. The Lowell Cafe is about to open on September 24. It will be the first legal cannabis restaurant and lounge in the city.

It has long been debated in California and the other states representing the US; cannabis is a topic of interest for millions of people around the world. Laws have shifted in California, and those at Lowell Farms had to get creative with how they would offer Lowell Cafe.

Clever maneuvering has allowed Lowell Cafe to operate in West Hollywood while appeasing to state law. The 20,000 square-foot property is divided into three sections. The first is the 1,600 square-foot cafe where a patron can enjoy a meal crafted by famous chef Andrea Drummer. Cannabis consumption isn’t allowed in the cafe portion, but visitors certainly like to catch up on a meal and a non-alcoholic beverage before visiting one of two cannabis-friendly lounges at Lowell Cafe.

The indoor lounge offers 2,500 square feet of relaxation and good company. Vape from a solventless vape or consume an edible cookie and wait for the evening to reveal itself. Walk outside to take in the southern California climate truly.

One can also appreciate the impact of a solventless vape in the 1,800 square-foot outdoor garden area, smoke a blunt under the stars or consume cannabis through its edible form. History has been made for Lowell Farms as they divided their operations into two separate businesses to satisfy California law: cannabis retail establishment and a restaurant. Visitors of Lowell Cafe may not even notice how clever those who oversaw this operation are, but it isn’t surprising if one digs further into the background at Lowell Farms.

The high quality, natural cannabis that is used in products like solventless vapes was inspired long ago by William “Bull” Lowell. Bull was a farmer on California’s central coast in the early 1900s and grew what was referred to as Indian Hemp. Mr. Lowell believed in the freedom to grow and enjoy that which has been harvested. A greedy man named Henry J. Finger on the California Board of Pharmacy had a nasty agenda, helping to create legislation prohibiting Indian Hemp in 1913.

Bull persevered, eventually being put in jail by the selfish Finger. The family’s tradition of organic ingredients that avoid synthetic pesticides and harmful ingredients has grown into the operation that it is today. As laws regarding cannabis continue to shift in California and throughout the nation, growers like Lowell Farms have stayed true to the simplicity of the plant.

Cannabis consumption is very popular in the United States. With laws legalizing marijuana for recreational consumption in many states, including California, passionate growers are offering the very best in cannabis. Solventless vapes won’t have harmful chemicals that could cause serious health consequences for its users. Everything grown at Lowell Farms is grown without pesticides and a lot of love.

One can speculate that high-quality goods being served up at Lowell Cafe are one of the main driving forces behind consumers. There’s a reason it took mere minutes for the restaurant to book out reservations three months out. The combination created by Lowell Farms mixed with the vibe of Los Angeles will surely be a match made in heaven.