Signs you may need to see a doctor

In our younger years, it is tempting to think we will be able to live in a healthy state forever. If only this were true.

John Bradberry wishes that more of his patients would come to him when they are displaying signs of medical distress instead of trying be a tough guy/girl.

If you show any of the signs listed below, make an appointment to see your doctor, or head to your nearest emergency room.

1) You can’t stop vomiting

You knew you shouldn’t have eaten those two week old leftovers – but you did, so there you are, hunched over the toilet bowl.

Problem is, you’ve been camping out there for more than an hour, and you can’t seem to stop chucking up your innards.

If you find yourself vomiting without any sign of an end to this personal hell, it is a sign that you should probably get checked out by a doctor.

You risk getting dangerously dehydrated, and it could point to a dangerous food poisoning episode that your body is desperately trying to purge.

Once you get to see a physician, they can provide treatments that will cease these gastric convulsions and treat the underlying malady causing this horrible symptom.

2) You have severe allergies or asthma

If you already have asthma or allergies, you may be wondering why you have to get to a doctor as soon as possible, as you already have medication or puffers designed to help you cope with your condition.

If you develop particularly severe symptoms aligned with these disorders, you need to ensure you aren’t suffering from a virus or bacterial infection that is far more serious.

If you dismiss especially strong symptoms as just a bad onset of your asthma or allergy, you may end up in a situation where your life is threatened. Check with a medical professional, just to be sure.

3) You are having difficulty breathing

This one is fairly obvious, but as with the last point, some may dismiss it as part of a condition they already have, and think that it will pass.

You need oxygen to live – if you are struggling to get air, how do you know that your passages won’t close up entirely in a half hour from now?

If the congestion is beyond anything what you would normally expect from a chest cold, or if your passages don’t improve immediately after a puffer hit, seek medical attention immediately.

4) You belong to a group with a compromised immune system

Are you past the age of 65? Have young children? Smoked your entire life? Just underwent a medical procedure? Have HIV/AIDS?

If you or anyone you love fall under any of these categories, a simple cold may not be an affair you can afford to take lightly.

If you are part of these groups and an illness you develop seems to be giving you a hard time, swallow your pride and go see your doctor.

Better to spend a few hours getting evaluated than going to sleep and never waking up due to a garden variety cold.